Stealing Travel Inspiration From LinkedIn Profiles – Yes Really…

annecy france lake mountains region

You know what, sometimes travel inspiration comes from the strangest of places. I don’t really want to go to where all the bloggers and celebrities on Insta are going, you know, the ‘hip’ places that keep popping up all over your feed. I mean, sure, they look amazeballs, but true travellers don’t want to go where all the sheep go, they want to find pastures new.

Ibiza is totally hot right now. So is the Amalfi Coast. I definitely want to go to these destinations, but not now, when literally the world and his wife are there. I’ll visit when the dust settles and the authenticity creeps back.

I want to uncover hidden gems. Beautiful spots that take your breath away, places you might never have seen on a social media site. I also love the up and coming destinations, the ones that are about to hit the big time but haven’t yet, and still appear to be untouched.

I’ve been browsing LinkedIn profiles and for some strange reason within the same day I’ve come across three new places I want to go to, and all because they’ve popped up on people’s profiles.

Who knew that would happen eh?! I’m so excited about adding these places to my bucket list that I want to share them with you guys. You’re welcome. That’s what I’m here for after all, to do your travel research for you.

Annecy, France

annecy france lake mountains region

Feast your eyes upon the beauty that is Annecy Lake which is located near Mont Blanc. My fiance and I love France, we’ve been all over from Lille to Bordeaux, the French Riviera and to little villages surrounding the Pyrenees not far from Perpignan. However, we’ve not been to the Rhone-Alpes region.

I came across Annecy whilst browsing LinkedIn profiles, and Christopher Clowes had it as his cover photo. It looked so beautiful that I felt compelled to message him and ask where it was. He says ‘it’s my favourite place in the world’, and I can see why.

Google Lake Annecy France and I guarantee you, you’ll want to book a trip there in an instant. Not only is the lake breathtaking, but the town of Annecy looks adorable and packed with character.

It’s an Alpine town in southeastern France with cobbled streets, canals meandering through the centre and pretty pastel coloured houses. The style of architecture reminds me of a dolls house style town and it’s very similar to a of German town we visited over Christmas called Rothenburg ob der Tauber. I’ve obviously not been here but from what I can see it looks like an absolute hidden gem and exactly the kind of place I like to visit.

Rhossili Bay in South Wales

Rhossili Bay in South Wales

OK so not an exotic destination but sometimes we forget how beautiful some of the places we have close to our doorstep, and Rhossili Bay is a fine example. I stumbled upon this gorgeous photo on Christian Wismann’s LinkedIn profile, he’s got it as is cover photo, so again, I messaged to find out where in the world this is.

I’m not surprised to learn it resides within a location that was designated as the first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK. Glance at that picture and it could be anywhere, a popular beach resort in Europe? Nope, it’s in a wonderfully picturesque region that’s nestled on the southwestern tip of the Gower Peninsula in Swansea.

In 2014, Trip Advisor named Rhossili Bay the best beach in the UK – and the ninth most amazing in the world. Pretty impressive huh?! What’s more, the nearby village of Rhossili is packed with history and you can still see the wreck of Helvetia which hit the shores here in 1887.

The silky soft sand here is the largest expanse of white sand on the Gower Peninsula. The Bay is a bit of a surfing and paragliding mecca, and it’s a lovely place to go on a walking holiday with some outstanding views from the cliffs.

Flanders region

brussels flanders region belgium

image from

To be honest I’ve not realised explored much of Belgium aside from when I went there on a school trip (all I remember is the chocolate) and I’ve also stopped off in Brussels overnight, but I didn’t get to see much of the city. Flanders is a region in Belgium, which includes towns like Bruges, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven, Hasselt and Ypres.

My fiance and I enjoy driving around Europe, and we are currently planning an epic trip for next Christmas, perhaps we will stop off in a few of these towns.

Bruges being the most obvious option, a couple of my friends have been there and they say it really is as magical as everyone claims. There’s lots of fascinating stuff to do in this region including visiting Flanders Battlefields, uncovering a huge selection of museums, stopping by Menin Gate Memorial and casting your eyes upon the architectural delights of Antwerp Central Station.

I came across this region whilst chatting with Christopher Sharpe, a content manager promoting tourism in this region. Hit him up if you’ve got any questions about where to go and what to see.

So that’s the shortlist for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed my random travel inspiration from LinkedIn. Happy travel planning.




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