50 Things Ladies Do On Beach Holidays

things ladies women do on beach holidays

As we enter June, everyone starts talking about the summer holidays they have planned. Women start thinking about what they need to buy for their holiday and attempt to find a bikini that actually fits (which is nearly impossible). I am off on my annual girls holiday this month, and it has inspired me to write this blog post. This will be my fifth girls holiday, so I think I have a pretty good understanding of some of the things women do on holiday.

Men and women are quite different on holiday, and often have completely different priorities. Whether you are going on holiday with your family, friends or boyfriend, if you are female, you will probably do some of the following things.

Here are 50 things ladies often do when they are on holiday.

1. Pack 5 pairs of heels and not wear any of them – flats all the way.

2. Worry about getting spots from putting greasy sunscreen on your face. Why does sun cream have to be so oily?

3. Nearly miss your flight at the airport because you got overexcited in the duty free shop.

4. See the sun hats at the airport and decide you can’t get on the plane without one.

5. Figure out where the nearest toilet is at all times.

6. Get bikini envy on the beach when you see other women with better bikinis than you.

7. Get chilly on the plane because you were so excited about the sunshine and dressed for the beach.

8. Buy 5 different women’s magazines to read on the plane such as Cosmo, Heat, OK Magazine, Good Housekeeping etc.

9. Take sports clothes with the intention of working out, which doesn’t happen.

10. Consider bringing your own pillow for the plane journey.

11. Try and save money by not paying for a suitcase, then having a panic attack when you can’t fit everything in and paying for luggage at the last minute anyway.

12. A scenic shot of where you are staying and how stunning it is must be uploaded as soon as you arrive with a tagline such as ‘not a bad view to wake up to’ etc.

13. Get emotional at some point during the holiday.

14. Fail to put enough sunscreen on in the first few days and burn badly, usually on the butt cheeks.

15. Get your nails done because you can’t go on holiday without holiday nails.

16. Worry constantly about your bikini body.

17. Look at other women on the beach; worry more about your bikini body.

18. Worry constantly about tan lines.

19. Throw a tantrum when you have ‘nothing to wear’ because you weren’t able to pack 46788 outfits.

20. Look at your tan lines obsessively every day to see how your tan is progressing.

21. Refuse to figure out what day it is because then you will know how long it is until you have to go home

22. Wonder if deodorant just doesn’t work in hot countries?!

23. Stay by the pool instead of going to the beach when you have a bad tummy kinda day.

24. Get burnt lips/feet/hands/ears because everyone forgets to put sunscreen in those places.

25. Get angry when you realised you have forgotten a key beauty essential e.g. hair dryer, your favourite moisturiser or tweezers.

26. Have a ban on watching any TV whilst on holiday.

27. Enjoy listening to your carefully selected holiday playlist.

28. Get a tiny bit homesick/miss your boyfriend/mum but refuse to admit it.

29. Read five books in a week, because that’s what you do on hols.

30. Be nosy and try to see what other women are reading.

31. Judge women who go topless when you are secretly jealous that they are brave enough to do it OR go topless because your boobs look amaze with a golden tan.

32. Eat way more than you need to because you’re on hols and can do what you like. Your diet can do one.

33. Eat two ice creams every day because that’s just what you do on holiday.

34. Get a really bad wedgie on the beach and try and subtly pull your bikini out your bum without others noticing.

35. Wear sunglasses all day on the beach because they protect your eyes but they also allow you to people watch and be nosy without being caught.

36. Dive into the pool hoping to look graceful and athletic but your bikini top comes off as you enter the water and you are horrified.

37. Fake tan before going on hol and before you come home if your tan isn’t good enough.

38. Consider what star rating you will give the hotel when you get back and what key points will be in your review on TripAdvisor.

39. Eat way too much for lunch then stress about your pot belly on the beach.

40. Either try and lighten your hair in the sun or protect it by wearing a hat because you actually like your current hair colour.

41. Try and negotiate with the hotel staff for an upgrade, because you totally deserve it.

42. Drink full fat Coke, because it just tastes AMAZING when you are abroad and out in the heat.

43. Order a Prosecco by the pool and post a selfie, because that’s just how you roll.

44. Try desperately to abandon your phone while on holiday, because you are too busy having a fabulous time to look at your phone….but cave and check Facebook/Whatsapp sporadically.

45. Be secretly pleased when you hear it is raining back home, or really mad when someone texts you and tells you about how you are missing a heatwave back home.

46. Wonder why it is so difficult to tame your hair in a hot country. What is the point in bothering to straighten it?

47. Moan about how much you hate sand, it just gets everywhere.

48. Drink ridiculous amounts of Prosecco/Wine/Sangria/Cocktails/Spirits most nights.

49. Accidentally tan one side of your body much more than the other.

50. Take 47583958 holiday photos.

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  1. June 29, 2016 / 11:24 am

    Really crazy things,the article made me laugh.

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