How To Lighten Your Hair Naturally

how to lighten your hair naturally

In November I dyed my hair dark brown. I usually go a bit darker for winter as it suits my skin better when I am a bit paler. However, this is the darkest I have ever been, and it’s my first time trying to go back to blonde after being dark brown. Not an easy task. I don’t want to damage my hair, so an all over colour isn’t an option.

I got my hair highlighted a few weeks ago (it cost me £75, ouuccchh) which has lightened it a little bit, but not quite enough. I was planning on getting it highlighted a second time to achieve a brighter look, but that would cost me at least £60. Not really an option, I have too many more pressing things I need to spend money on.

 That was my hair after the (paid) highlights I got done in the salon.

So, I did a bit of research and asked a few people about how to highlight your hair naturally. No nasty products, no bleach, no horrendously dry hair and split ends.

It turns out there are a few natural ingredients that can help to naturally lighten your hair: You can make your own hair spray using these ingredients and spritz it on your hair when you want to lighten it a little. Hoorah!

This bottle was my attempt, I decided to add the mixture to a tiny amount of Faith in Nature lavender conditioner because it’s great for dry hair. Bit of an experiment but we will see if it helps.

The lightening effect is not going to happen instantly, these natural products will help your to achieve gradual lightening. Spray your magic lightning potion on your hair before you go out in the sunshine, leave it in overnight or just using it when you are washing your hair.

Please note, I am not a hair expert, it’s probably best to consult with your hairdresser before trying this. Oh and don’t go near any wasps or bees while you have it on – they will be attracted to the sweetness! I have a wasp phobia, so was on alert for any buzzing noises the whole time I had it on.

So, here are the ingredients:

  • Lemon juice (squeeze one lemon)

  • Chamomile tea (brew the tea for a while then add to mixture)

  • Honey

  • 2 Cinnamon sticks or 2 tablespoons of cinnamon spice (they will make your hair smell amazing and help to lighten it)

  • Coconut oil (not for lightening, just add this to keep your hair well moisturised as lemon can dry it out).

  • ⅕ cup of water

Mix all these ingredients together and put them into a bottle, making sure you shake it well before use. Spray all over your hair or just on the ends for an ombre effect. Try not to use it too often or it could dry out your hair too much.

My hair seemed to lighten a little after a few hours in the sunshine, although I was probably just imagining it! It will probably take a few more applications. I will post a picture when I think it has started to make a difference.

Here is what it looked like with the mixture on in the sunshine.

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