What’s In My Suitcase? Dominican Republic Packing Tips

What’s In My Suitcase? Dominican Republic Packing Tips

I’m off to the Dominican Republic in three days. This is actually happening. I’m going on an adventure of a lifetime, and have the opportunity to do some things I have never done before (swimming with sting rays for example).

It’s going to be a pretty active holiday, so I need to make sure I have everything I need. There’s also a few things to keep in mind when packing for a holiday in the Dominican Republic, so I will be sharing some handy tips.

If you want to find out exactly what I will be getting up to, check out my itinerary post here [warning, this post may make you insanely jealous]. This whole trip has been made possible by The Holiday Place, I cannot thank them enough for giving me this opportunity.

I’m going to share the contents of my suitcase, which is now very full. Thankfully I’m flying BA, so I get to bring a large suitcase, plus hand luggage and a handbag, happy days! So lets get on to the nitty gritty. If one is going on an excursion filled, action packed trip to the Caribbean, what the hell do you need to bring? Here’s what I would recommend.

Insect repellent with DEET

insect repellent with deet

I hear there’s some rather nasty mosquitos in the Dominican, and get this, some of them even come out and bite you in the daytime. Who knew? I assumed mossies were mainly nightime fellas.

I will be lathering up every day in the finest mosquito repellent you can get. Basically, if you are going trekking in the jungle, cover any exposed areas of skin with insect repellent, and cover up as much as possible. I have purchased Life Systems Expedition Plus Insect Repellent, which is supposed to last up to ten hours.

Sunhat and sunglasses

sun hat from new look

OK, I confess, I mainly bought a new hat so that I can take Instagram worthy pictures by the pool and on the beach, but it’s also for protection too, obviously. I will be taking my hat on our numerous excursions to try and keep cool. I got this little cutie for under a tenner from New Look.

High factor suncream with insect repellent

What a smart idea, eh? Combining sun cream and insect repellent. #winning. So I have purchased some Soltan Protect & Repel Suncare Spray for £6, and also after sun with insect repellent. So basically I am permanently going to be covered in the stuff for maximum protection.

Go Pro Video Camera

When you are swimming with sharks, paddle boarding, surfing, going on a zip wire and trekking through the jungle, there’s not excuse not to have a GoPro. I plan to make an epic video of our trip, so watch this space.  Mine’s going in my suitcase, complete with all the super cool attachments.

Travel Pillow

Ok not a necessity but seriously, how painful does your neck get on long haul flights? A comfy little travel pillow can seriously make all the difference. It’s even more handy if you are staying in poor accommodation whilst travelling (thankfully, we are not this time, hello 5* hotels).

I’m not going to lie, I don’t have a trendy travel pillow, I’m taking my Pillow Friends Duck. I don’t care what you say, he’s so comfy.

A trusty pair of trainers


I don’t think we will be able to get away with flip flops on the Eco Safari and City Tours we are doing. Plus, they will obvs fall off on the zip wire. If you are going on some proper excursions in the Dominican Republic, you might want to bring some trusty trainers. I’m taking my super reliable, super comfortable Asics Gel trainers.

Malaria tabs

Whether you take Malaria tablets before going to the Dominican Republic is up to you. However, it is recommended. I have already taken one dose a week before, and I will have to take some whilst I’m away, and when I get back. Also, make sure you have had all the relevant injections before your trip, check with your doctor what you have already have.

Sporty/beach bikinis


So I have a combo of sporty bikinis that I can do waterports in without any boobs falling out, and some less reliable bikinis for lounging around the pool and bar. I’m pretty happy with my Victoria Secret Bikini (not expecting to look like the model above, FYI), my onepiece, and my bright yellow quirky bikini. Need some bikini inspo? Click here. 

Travel money – Dollars or Dominican Peso?

So I was told by a friend that you can just get American Dollars, but I got to the Post Office and the lady recommended Dominican Peso? So, which one is it? I think basically if you are sticking around your resort, you can use Dollars, but if you are planning on going off the beaten path, you may want to take some Pesos with you.

You can get dollars exchanged when you get there if you need to, apparently you get a better rate exchanging Dollars to Pesos rather than £££ to Pesos. I settled on dollars in the end, but the decision is yours.

Evening outfits


I like to get dressed up on holiday. You spend all day at the beach getting all salty or going on adventures with no makeup on and getting all sweaty, that’s it’s a relief to spruce yourself up in the evening. Plus I like getting evening holiday snaps in nice outfits, call me vein I don’t care! For some reason I have gone floaty skirt made, and have three with me. Check out this gorge cream maxi skirt. 

Beach Bag/Backpack

flamingo beach bag

I found the most adorable beach bag ever, it’s from a local shop near me, and it’s got flamingos on it. It’s a bit like this Etsy one but without the black lining. This beach bag will be fine in and around the hotel, and maybe for the island trip, but I will defo need a backpack for the other activities.

So I think that covers most of the important things. I hope you found this post useful if you are planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, or perhaps just wanted some holiday shopping inspo. Watch out for my blog post when I return which will tons of pictures.

Bon voyage! Let’s catch up upon my return.

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