A Mini Break In The Cotswolds

A Mini Break In The Cotswolds

I have never been to The Cotswolds before. It’s somewhere I have wanted to visit for a while, and this Easter I was able to go and see what all the fuss is about. It just sounds like a fairytale kind of place, and after visiting, I think it looks like a fairytale too. As soon as you enter into Cotswolds territory the scenery changes and you start to notice the gorgeous countryside.

Some of the towns we drove through were similar to places I have visited in the South of France. A little hilltop village we passed through reminded me a bit of Rocamadour (Google it, it’s sooo pretty).  We visited Cirencester on our way, which is supposed to be the ‘capital of the Cotswolds’. It’s got some interesting shops and a few cafes and pubs, making it a good place to stop off at.

It had flawless reviews and was exactly the kind of accommodation we wanted (something with a little character). When we arrived it met all our expectations and instantly felt homely. One of my favourite things about the cottage were the stunning views from the garden, kitchen and lounge.

Our week was filled with a lot of food, country walks and cosy evenings by the fireplace

We went on one of the walks that was in the cottage handbook. It was four miles long and it took us just over two hours. Don’t worry, we don’t walk extremely slow, we stopped for a pub meal near the end of the walk called The Crown.

The pub was very cosy and the food was really tasty, the perfect reward after a walk through the countryside. The scenery on the walk was beautiful. We walked along streams, through farms and adorable little villages.

We also played waaayyy too much trivial pursuit. It was the old version so I knew about 2% of the answers but I definitely feel smarter. One of our favourite places we went to was a farm shop called ‘Jolly Nice’.

Here you can get freshly cooked burgers and cakes and you sit down and eat in a yurt type thing which is quite unique. You can also buy local meat and vegetables, we bought most of our meals from here.

The burgers were amazeballs, we are still dreaming about how tasty they were now. In fact, we might go back there again just for the burgers.

We decided to go to a farm nearby called ‘Butts Farm’. We were so excited about all the activities you can do such as feeding baby lambs and holding bunnies.

When we got to the farm we were the only couple there without kids. We didn’t get to feed the lambs because there were about 50 kids there and we had no chance!

Once we got over this disappointment and the realisation we are fully grown adults now we managed to enjoy the rest of our visit. There was a great selection of different farm animals and they had tiny little piglets running around the farm.

I don’t usually have much sweet stuff at home but on this trip we went all out. There was a local cake shop nearby called The Lavender Bake House. I had the best Victoria Sponge and Will had a delicious scone.


However, I had total food envy when I saw Will’s scone. I had some really lovely freshly made herbal tea and Will went for a satisfying chocolate milkshake. We definitely had our daily dose of sugar!

There are lots of super cute cafes dotted around the Cotswolds, so make sure you stop off at one and enjoy an afternoon tea.

Anyway, in summary, if you haven’t been to The Cotswolds then you must go. It’s a lovely part of the country and an ideal place to escape the stresses of a busy life. Feel free to contact me if you want any details about the places we went to.


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