22 Amusing, Fascinating and Critical Things We Will All Be Thinking In 2016

things we all might think in 2016

Sometimes, it’s interesting to take notice of the changes that are happening around you, and how they impact your life. Crazes come and go, the way we live our life changes and what is considered popular or normal evolves over time. Soz if this sounds a tad serious and reflective, but it’s the sociologist in me coming out. These things fascinate me.

I haven’t written a list in while, because I just haven’t had any inspiration. However, lately I have been thinking about all the little things that are influencing our daily lives. I’m sort of hoping that people might come back and read this in a decade or so and feel nostalgic about some of the hilarious things we do and are concerned with in 2016. So here’s 22 things I think a lot of people will probably be thinking throughout 2016.

1. Feeling like such a criminal when you forget to bring a shopping bag

Now that we’ve scrapped free plastic bags in shops (which, by the way, should have happened years ago), shopping has changed. You have to think ahead and bring bags with you. I hate it when I forget and I shamefully ask for a plastic bag in the supermarket.

You literally feel like some kind of criminal, and this is a good thing, because then hopefully you will remember next time. I was also waiting outside the supermarket, and it’s quite interesting watching people walk in with all their bags for life and scrunched up bags they have grabbed from their cupboard.

2. Impulsively cut your hair off into lob, love it for a while, then mourn for your long hair

longer lob

So mainly a ladies thing, but such a popular trend. Literally all the most important bloggers and celebrities have ‘lobs’ (long bobs).

They have all chopped all their locks off, and to be fair it is a good look, but I’m pretty sure they will grieve for their locks and wish for longer hair when the trend fades.

I almost went for the ‘lob’, but ended up going for shoulder length, in conclusion, I think I look better with longer hair.

3. Go to renew tax disc, realise they don’t exist, feel nostalgic and old

When you go to renew your old tax disc and realise the tax disc is no more. It’s a little tragic, even though doing stuff online is easier. Getting a new tax disc was sort of exciting in a lame kinda way. What will we decorate our dashboards with now?

4. Think contactless is cool but secretly worry about the security of your bank account

OMG the terror of someone with a clever machine stealing all your money whilst standing next to you on the train. I really don’t get contactless. Yes it’s convenient, but now if anyone does get their hands on your card they can spend money straight away. They don’t have to try and figure out your pin or anything.

I still have chip and pin, but my card is up for renewal soon and I don’t want contactless, what shall I do?! If I have contactless I will feel ever so slightly exposed, and not in the naughty sort of way.

5. Google mobile phone addiction

mobile phone smartphone addiction

I really wonder how many searches there will be in Google this year for ‘mobile phone addiction’ or something similar. Maybe 2016 will be there year where we accept that we are addicted and try and go back to being normal human beings again? Then again, maybe not. I don’t want to be a walking mobile phone zombie anymore thank you very much.

6. Consider quitting all social media

I guarantee, at some point in 2016 you will at least consider quitting all social media. You probably won’t come close to actually doing it, but the fact that you considered quitting is progress. There’s obviously no need to quit all social media, because it is pretty awesome and creates amazing opportunities. Some people (including moi) need to learn how to use it in a more healthy way.

7. Or ditch Facebook for Instagram

work and play boundaries

If you don’t think about quitting social media, then you might consider ditching Facebook for Instagram. Instagram is just so much more refreshing. Is it me, or is Facebook getting a tad tedious and exhausting? I can’t close my Facebook because I use it for work, but also, I don’t want to lose all my memories.

Yes I can save all my pictures on a hard drive but what about the hilarious and sentimental status updates through the years. Once I can save all this stuff somewhere then I may say goodbye to Facebook. Then again I may not, only time will tell.

8. Work on getting an ass like Kim Kardashian

curves are healthy

Personally I think Kylie has a better ass but that’s just me. Whatever your feelings for the Kardashian klan, one thing’s for sure, they all have ridiculous rear ends. Kim’s ass is so damn large.

They have paved the way for curvy women and made enormous asses a desirable feature, which is handy for people like me who have a rather large behind.

This year, a lot of women will ask their personal trainers to focus on improving their bottoms. What’s even more interesting is that they will ask them to make their asses bigger, not smaller.

9. Realise that maybe eyebrows aren’t the key to looking good

Ohhh my days, when will the eyebrow trend fizzle out. I don’t have large, definitive eyebrows that are easy to manipulate, so this trend is killing me.

My eyebrows were a little better when I was brunette because I could make them a lot darker without looking like an idiot, but still, hardly award winning brows over here.

The internet is literally obsessed with eyebrow perfection. Will thick, bold, dark eyebrows continue to rule in 2016, or is there room for a new trend? I hope so.

10. Maybe consider doing more eco-friendly stuff, coz your eco chic and all

I think people are becoming ever so slightly more aware of their impact on the environment, but we are still doing a terrible job of protecting our planet. I’m no angel, but I did start recycling properly last year, I try and walk when I can and I’m reducing my plastic usage (can I get a round of applause).

Hopefully, thanks to the work of charities and organisations trying to create awareness, you might rethink some of your habits in 2016. Let’s make eco chic more on trend this year.

11. Consider buying an old Nokia, or maybe even using a landline, and taking a break from your smartphone.

I want an old Nokia mainly just to play snake, but also to step back in time and enjoy simple mobile communication again. Sadly, I couldn’t manage without my smartphone now because of the nature of my job, but I can certainly use it less. Hell, I may even buy a retro phone for our house and pretend I live in the 1960’s.

12. Switch from normal TV to Netflix


I have already done this. The boyf still watches TV for the sport, but I only really use Netflix now. I would rather be more selective over what I watch and binge on my all-time favourite TV series than endlessly flick through channels. I reckon a lot of people will consider doing the same in 2016.

13. Laptops, Smartphones, tablets, what’s next?

What’s the next tech trend after tablets? At some point this year, you will probably wonder how tablets might evolved, and what gadget might be able to do more than your nifty little iPad.

14. Realise how much sugar is in Starbucks/Costa hot chocs and swap to some sort of teatox

Although the amount of bloggers posting about the ‘teatox’ they are doing is rather irritating, it’s much better than people drinking coffee chain drinks packed with ridiculous amounts of sugar. Now that its come out in the news how bad these drinks are, perhaps in 2016 you might notice how sickly sweet they are, and ditch them for herbal tea.

15. Wonder why no one has invented permanent nail varnish by now

gel nailsWhy, in 2016, has some sort of permanent nail varnish not been invented? If it has then can someone please let me know? There’s permanent make up, but no sign of permanent nails. Nail varnish lasts half a day for me, and gels are expensive. However, I do love getting my nails done by this lady, hers last at least four weeks, which for me is amazing.

16. Wish that celebrities actually required a talent these days

reality tv celebrities

Don’t get me wrong, I love a cheeky Geordie Shore or Made in Chelsea binge (hangs head in shame), but it seems like most of the celebrities these days are reality TV stars, who have no actual talent. They are literally just famous for being on TV, and it’s getting irritating.

17. Pray for a new epic series to come out coz watching game of thrones is starting to feel a bit like a chore

What will be the next big series in 2016? To be honest, I have given up on Game of Thrones for the moment. It does sometimes feel like a chore to watch, plus I’m still disturbed by what happened at the wedding in season 3.

18. Wait for a new sports event to become popular other than painful obstacle courses that electrocute you.

I am pretty adventurous, and I love challenges, but hasn’t the whole tough mudder/epic obstacle race thing been a bit overdone? Can someone please come up with a new cool race for people to obsess over and brag about on social media in 2016?

19. Hope that selfies will finally become uncool/go out of fashion. They are an unhealthy obsession

As a self-confessed selfie addict, I am finally admitting that perhaps it’s time to end the selfie era. How about we just get someone else to take a much more flattering picture for us? We will look back on this craze in years to come and be like, ‘geez, how self-obsessed and vain were we?’

20. When will we become tired of Prosecco? Maybe never?

prosecco hen do ladies

For the last few years, prosecco has dominated. Ladies (and many gentleman) can’t wait to get it out for any occasion. Dinner with the girls? Prosecco. Night out? Processo. Wedding? Prosecco? Hen do? Prosecco. This year you may wonder if prosecco will continue its world domination, and what sort of drink could possibly replace it?

21. Consider if any part of our lives is really private any more

In 2016, you may spend some time worrying about the lack of privacy online. Why is it that we are willing to share every aspect of our lives with complete strangers? I feel like I have to share everything because of my work, but that doesn’t stop me from occasionally feeling uncomfortable when I really think about what anyone can learn about me.

22. Take ‘annual leave’ from the digital world

things we do now that would have seemed odd ten years ago

This year, you might just want to reduce your involvement in the online world, even if it’s just for short periods. We need the digital world to function these days, but that doesn’t mean we have to be a slave to it. Consider booking in ‘annual leave’ from the digital world so you can spend a bit of time in the real one.

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