How To Make Homemade Chicken In Breadcrumbs

homemade chicken in breadcrumbs, nuggets, goujons

So these last two weeks have been a bit mental. Sorry for the lack of blog posts, I have been a tad distracted by wedding-related shenanigans. To be honest I need a bit more time to let my head settle and get some inspiration. So you are stuck with a chicken nugget recipe for now.

Mind you, these were bloody amazing. They are the perfect comfort food for cold November days, when it’s not quite time to start cooking festive food, but you just want something that hits the spot.

I’m not really sure whether they are chicken nuggets, goujons or simply breaded chicken. Perhaps you can enlighten me. Anyhow, trust me, they are sooo good. All those horrendous chicken nuggets you get from the supermarket or fast food chains are full of so much crap.

These are so simple to make, so why not give them a go? I must admit, my fiance cooked these (what a keeper), but I was paying close attention. Here’s how to make your own chicken in breadcrumbs.

You can cook them in the oven if you want to be extra healthy, or fry them for a naughty homemade treat.

– Chicken breast
– Panko breadcrumbs
– Egg
– Rice or almond flour
– Thyme or herb of choice
– Peanut oil (or olive oil if you can’t get hold of any)

1: dice chicken breast into chunks
2: have three separate bowls with the flour, whisked egg and panko breadcrumbs in
3: roll chicken chunks in flour, then cover in the whisked egg, then cover in panko breadcrumbs
4: fill a pan with the peanut oil enough so oil covers whole bottom of pan then put on high heat
5: shallow fry chicken until golden and cooked through




homemade chicken in breadcrumbs, nuggets, goujons

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