Quotes & Nuggets Of Wisdom From My Little Sister

Quotes & Nuggets Of Wisdom From My Little Sister

First things first. I’m sorry again for the lack of posts. I feel like I’m being pulled in lots of different directions at the moment and I haven’t felt inspired to write, until now. Thanks to my little sister. She’s a unique one, with a lot to offer the world and some strong opinions and passions, which is why I admire her so much.

It’s weird because she messaged me about a post she wanted to write and her words seemed to really reflect what’s going on in my life. They also sum up a lot of the things I have been trying to say on this blog for a long time.

So when I read through it I was like yes, this stuff is the shizz. She’s been through alot and faced many challenges, you can read about her story and follow her new blog here, and see her post ‘fucking look up’ in full here.

When was the last time you stepped outside and looked up? When did you last stargaze and allow your brain to process the infinite space out there and really take note that you are made of the same kind of sparkly shit that’s whizzing around out there, and everything out there is kind of within you? Doesn’t it put your crap into perspective? 

Some days you just need to look up at the sky, out the window or walk outside and take in your surroundings. Imagine zooming up into outer space in a spaceship and staring down on the world. From this perspective your problems probably don’t seem quite so meaningful. You are just one person in one town, in one county, in one country, in one continent, in one world, in one solar system.

So go outside and look the fuck up, allow yourself to see that big huge ginormous whitish grey circle thing, that somehow seems more real the longer you stare at it. 

It’s so easy to get sucked into the insignificance of planet earth. To get wrapped up in the small things or stuff that won’t or can’t hurt you. Anxiety makes you worry about all this stuff. And that’s why getting a little perspective by looking up and actually seeing the world can really help.

Day in day out…technology, social media, money, buying, selling, cars, taxis rides, meetings, go, go go, busy busy busy…And yet beyond our eyes, there’s this gigantic amount of space surrounding us, that we never really fucking look up and see.

That’s right, we barely look up. It seems hard to look up away from our tablets, laptops, phones and TV screens and notice the world going by. We’re missing so much of this glorious world because we’re so caught up in technology and the stresses of a modern-day world.

Would it be so bad to get rid of Facebook, to not watch TV for one evening, to turn off your mobile data or to go completely technology for a weekend, or even better a week.

That’s why travel is so important, because it enables us to switch off and really see the world. When we travel we pay attention. When we go about our daily lives like robots we do not. I think travel will become even more paramount in our lives as we seek escapism from a monotonous, over-complicated existence.

There’s a tree, a field, a jungle, a habitat, an ocean, a continent, a planet, stars, moons, suns, galaxies. A whole fucking universe, that we seldom know much about. And we’re all here like, my cup of coffee isn’t strong enough, where’s my phone, balls I’ve gotta pay my credit card…

Isn’t it time we tried to be more than this? When you die, no one will remember how much money you had, your insignificant posts on social media or how many friends you had on Facebook.

I think the best way to live your life is to think hey, how do I really want people to remember me? How can I make my life significant and contribute to the world in some way? When you leave this magical world, make sure you were the person you wanted to be, and you really got meaning out of your life somehow.

Remember, You are a human, made of stardust, you have the same genetic makeup as millions of species before you, yet you can run, climb, dream, wonder, create, invent, build and so much more than anything else.

And out there, as far as we know, and although you may now feel slightly insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe, there is nothing out there like you. Like us. Go outside and do more, be more, think more, love more, care more. Just fucking be more….Or don’t.

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