Three Holiday Hairstyles For Summer

holiday summer hair styles

Your hair goes through a lot on holiday. It has to withstand the sun, sea and sand. When it comes to the evening the task of styling your hair into something acceptable seems almost impossible. You return from the beach with exceptionally dry, wild hair and wonder whether you can be bothered to do anything with it. Straightening your hair in hot weather is no fun, and as soon as you step outside the humidity takes it toll. It helps to have a few easy hairstyles up your sleeve that you know can withstand the heat.

Having just been on holiday with my two best friends, I have picked up a few holiday hairstyle ideas (only one of which I did myself). You may need to teach yourself how to do these hairstyles or have a friend handy to help you out. Here are three fairly simple and stylish ways to do your hair on holiday this year.

Boost your beach waves

Tight curls can look a bit too neat and over styled, especially when you are on holiday. Beach wave inspired styles are the way forward. If you aren’t brave enough to scrunch some moose or curling spray into your hair and leave it completely au natural, then I have a solution for you. Use a curling product on the underneath of your hair and at the back. Leave the front of your hair unstyled.

Once the natural curls have set in and your hair is dry, grab your curling tongs and put a few gentle curls around the front of your hair. This will give your natural curls a boost without looking too OTT. If your hair gets a bit frizzy on top then spray a tiny amount of hair spray into your hands, rub them together and smooth it over the top of your hair. I promise it makes a big difference and doesn’t make your hair greasy. This is the hairstyle I did myself, the other two were done by my friend who has a bit of a passion for hairstyling.

Top knot bun

Buns made from enormous hair doughnuts were popular last year, but this year they just seem a little too overdone. Instead of using a doughnut, this summer opt for a slightly more relaxed, less severe bun.

The top know bun is ideal for a more chilled out look and it’s so simple to do. Just loosely tie your hair up in a messy ponytail and wrap it around in a loose bun.

A few messy wispy bits are totally OK. This hairstyle is effortless and it will keep you cool on really hot days.

Plait with side pony

This is a super cute hairstyle that looks very feminine. I find some plaits can make me look extremely young, but this one has a slightly more mature look.

Start the plait on one side at the top of your head about three centimeters back from your hairline. Then continue the plait round the back of your head to the other side.

You can then continue the plait to the end of your hair, or put it into a low ponytail. I also added some waves with the curlers to the bottom of my hair.

 Happy styling…

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