Why You Need To Make Time For Yourself

why you need to make time for yourself

When was the last time you spent some time you spent a day by yourself? With so many social events to attend, family members to see and partners to keep happy it can sometimes be hard to grab a moment alone.

This world moves so fast that we struggle to catch our breath. Make a phone call, update your status, run errands, do housework, respond to emails, be sociable, cook dinner, go food shopping…the list goes on.

When I say ‘time for yourself’, I don’t just mean being on your own away from human beings. I mean being by yourself AND switching off from everything.

We are so busy all the time we often forget to squeeze the things we love into our frantic lives.

Over the last two weeks I have neglected to do the things I enjoy in the spare time that I have. I seem to find it impossible to stop writing at the moment. Every second I have spare I want to extract all the ideas that are floating around in my mind.

This is great because I have got a lot done over the last few weeks, but I have definitely missed out on some me time. I love to read, yet I can’t seem to focus my attention on a book for more than ten minutes. I also like watching TV programmes, I am currently trying to get into House of Cards and failing.

Every time I do something that isn’t work I feel guilty so I don’t enjoy it. Ugghh. I guess that’s the curse of being freelance, you can always do more. I just want to watch an episode of some meaningless reality TV show to switch off for half an hour.

Today I have had the cottage completely to myself. The boyfriend is off playing rugby and catching up with friends in Brighton for the day. So I have decided to have some ‘me’ time. First I went kickboxing to let off some steam. Then I popped into town and brought myself a couple of beauty treats.

I bought a French manicure set for £5, turns out it’s bloody awful but it was fun having a go. I also bought myself a little treat from Neil’s Yard Remedies (the product I bought will feature on a beauty post next week).

I then came home, had a long soak in the bath and got straight into my slob clothes. Then I made myself a comforting Green and Black’s hot chocolate. Hello warm chocolatey goodness. Then I had an afternoon nap. Amazzzinng.

 I’ll be honest I did do a couple of hours of work, but that’s only because we are off to the Cotswolds next week for a break and I have so much work to get done. However, I gave myself a time limit and treated myself to a marathon of House of Cards afterwards. Success, I have managed some ‘me time’. Now it’s your turn.

Put yourself on your priority list for once.

Here are reasons why spending time alone is good for you:

  • It can help you clear your head

  • Having time to yourself is good for your relationship

  • You can disconnect from the digital world

  • It can boost your creativity

  • It helps you recharge your batteries

  • It enables you to reflect

  • It helps you discover things you enjoy

  • You learn to be independent

  • It will make you appreciate your loved ones

  • You can do the things you want to do

  • It can relieve anxiety

  • It forces you not to be too dependent on other people

  • It’s good to realise that you can make yourself happy

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