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Body Confidence – Finding The Perfect Pair Of Sports Leggings

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When you’ve got a strong thigh game as well as, shall we say, a larger than average behind, finding leggings can be somewhat of a challenge. We all like to wear things that inspire #bodyconfidince, but it’s safe to say that skintight leggings don’t always deliver. Especially ones that show off the lumps and bumps you don’t want the world to see (even though we should embrace our flaws).

Over the last few years, I’ve taken my booty into numerous sportswear stores and bought plenty of leggings online – only to discover each pair comes up short somehow. They fall down if you do any exercise that consists of running or jumping, they make you look ten times bigger than you really are or they just don’t last. I’ve even had leggings that get stuck in my bum at the bottom of a squat, and trust me, a hungry bum is not a good look ladies.

Here are some other frustrating problems I’ve had with leggings –

  • They sit in the wrong place on my stomach and show off all my bloating. Bad times.
  • They rip easily as soon as you start stretching them in too many directions.
  • They show sweat far too easily.
  • They are see-through when you squat so everyone can see your thong underneath.
  • They are so tight you have to hold your tummy in during the whole training session, which is a workout in itself.
  • The bag and sag in all the wrong places and material gathers at the knee or waist.
  • You have to constantly keep pulling them up because the material won’t stay in place.

These are just a few of the problems I have with leggings. And I don’t just use leggings for training. I live in them for most of the week. Because I work from home it’s way easier and more comfortable to get dressed in sports gear, and I find leggings are far comfier than jeans. I want a pair of leggings that will support me through a range of activities, from lounging around to lifting heavy weights to sprinting for my life.

OK, so let’s go through some of the leggings I’ve tried so far, and my thoughts on each.

Searching for the best gym leggings


I’ve now had three pairs of Gymshark leggings. I like that they cater to curvier physiques. Their Flex leggings are very comfy, but I swear they make my arse look overwhelmingly big, which I’m not saying is a bad thing because hello booty. But sometimes it makes me feel self-conscious. I’ve also had two pairs of their leggings not make it past the three-month mark. The flex leggings are a thin material and tear easily. So I wouldn’t buy them again.


OK, I hear you. I’m not going to get a lasting pair of leggings from Primark. I’d say 95% of their leggings either fall down, don’t fit in the right places or just look rubbish. BUT, I do have one navy blue pair that has lasted a fair while, and they’re very comfy. I wouldn’t be able to run in them though as they wouldn’t stay up, they work best for yoga type stuff.


Now this is a brand I found in TK Maxx and I have to say, they do decent quality sports bras. I’ve only managed to find one pair of black leggings, and they’re pretty versatile. You just can’t really buy them very easily (only available in US), and unless you find them discounted in TK Maxx they’re not cheap – and this is why I’ve ruled out Gaiam.

Nike running leggings

To be fair these have lasted years but they’re not very inspiring and despite being cropped they kind of sit in the wrong place and ride up at the knee when I run.

Ronhill running leggings

Well, of course, they’re comfy and they last but let’s be honest, they’re not the prettiest leggings. More function than fashion, and, you know, it’s nice to find a balance.


Yes, I know. You don’t have to tell me how amazeballs these leggings apparently are. No, I’ve not tried them myself, but I’ve got plenty of friends who have. But the thing is, I just can’t part with £80 for a pair of leggings. And everyone’s got them. I like to be different. Though of course if Lululemon want to send me a pair to try I’d be up for testing them out.

And the winner is….drum roll please.


I’m working with a local sportswear brand (because we should all support local brands). I came across Legacy on Instagram and their Zhu leggings and sports bra caught my eye. They get massive bonus points from me because I’ve finally found a sports bra that shows off my tattoo! Wahoo! The back of the sports bra is ideal if you’ve been working on those gains in the gym ad you want to show off your toned back. It has a criss-cross pattern across the top.

burgundy sports leggings full length comfy legacy sportswear uk burgundy sports leggings full length comfy legacy sportswear uk burgundy sports leggings full length comfy legacy sportswear uk

Now onto the most important bit, the leggings. Their Zhu leggings are made from bamboo, which not only makes them uber comfy, but kind to your skin too. The material they’re made from is also temperature regulating. I’ve used them for all sorts of workouts and they pass with flying colours.

They don’t fall down, they aren’t too tight and most importantly, they’re squat proof. Though mine are slightly too big, I’ll be ordering the small size next time. I just love the colour, burgundy is my absolute fave colour to workout and it looks great in the gym.

Whilst too many leggings make you look oh so much bigger than you actually are, I think these leggings actually make my legs look thinner and more sculpted. Now when you have thick thighs like moi, that’s an absolute win. The key thing when looking for a pair of leggings is feeling confident in them, so you can be your best self.
But these leggings aren’t just for doing hardcore sport, they work really well as yoga leggings. If I’m totally honest, I wear them through the week to lounge around in because they’re sooo soft and comfortable. The material is the sort of texture you’d expect to wear for a yoga session, but it works for the sweatiest of workouts too. In my mind, if a pair of leggings can get through a Crossfit WOD with burpees, bar work and gymnastics then they’re fool proof. But don’t just take my word for it, try them out for yourself, and follow Legacy over on Instagram.

burgundy sports leggings full length comfy legacy sportswear uk burgundy sports leggings full length comfy legacy sportswear uk burgundy sports leggings full length comfy legacy sportswear uk burgundy sports leggings full length comfy legacy sportswear uk