What The Hell Is Vlogging & Why Am I Doing It? My Entry Into The Vlogosphere

What The Hell Is Vlogging & Why Am I Doing It? My Entry Into The Vlogosphere

When I was younger, I had real dreams of becoming a TV presenter. Yes, for real. Me. I don’t know what I was thinking, I have a mundane monotone voice and hate being enthusiastic and overly happy. No one likes a miserable TV presenter. It makes me giggle so much thinking about just how wrong I was about my skills and talents.

I have been blogging for a year and a half and the time has come for me to attempt some vlogs. What the hell are vlogs I hear you ask? Video blogs. Unfortunately these days your bog standard blog is not always enough.

I have known for ages that I need to build my presence on YouTube if I want to grow my audience, but because I’m bloody awful on camera I have put it off for some time.

I’m terrified of looking like a right idiot and people laughing at my poor attempt at vlogging. Well I will be procrastinating no longer. It’s time for you guys to see a whole new side of The Content Wolf.

Once you get past my non smiley face and my monotonous tone, you might actually find some of my vlogs interesting. I plan to discuss a lot of the important topics and concepts that I have mentioned on my blog.

I don’t have some flashy studio, a perfectly decorated and super hip office or the latest film and editing equipment. These videos are literally going to be just me and a camera, for now anyways.

They will sort of be an extension of my blog posts if you like. Why? Because there’s no way I can do videos about how to put on makeup or what I bought from my latest shopping trip, that’s just not me, and I’m not an expert.

I also have some stories and moments that I want to share that can be better explained via video. For example, some of my travel experiences and videos I have of my trips, some funny moments with my dogs and a few random bits.

These videos could be watched by noone, but to be honest it doesn’t really matter. Making videos has been a business goal of mine for a while, so if I fail, at least I gave it a go. If my videos are really uninspiring a boring then I will find other ways to share my stories, and stick to what I know best, writing.

Vlogging is a way of reaching out to your audience in a totally different way, and allowing them to get to know the real you. I know that some vloggers document their daily lives, and to be honest, I don’t really get why these what I ate for breakfast type videos do so bloody well.

I wouldn’t want to watch these videos, but that’s just me. So my plan is to do videos that I would actually want to watch, and that have some kind of purpose.

I have kicked off with an intro video, explaining why I’m vlogging and what to expect, but my first proper video is about my freelance journey. The blog post I did about my freelance journey did really well, and it was something I felt comfortable talking about as a first video. You can check it out here.

So here’s to vlogging and my entry into the world of YouTube.



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