My New Website Launch – The Content Wolves

My New Website Launch – The Content Wolves

I have launched a new website. I am the Content wolf, and now I run a content creation company called The Content Wolves. 

I want to change the way people see online copywriters. I want to provide a service that’s different from any other, and I believe that The Content Wolves will achieve this.

I have searched far and wide for some of the most talented writers in different industries, so that we can provide expert content on a range of specialist subjects. Far too much information on the web isn’t written by experts, which can cause a lot of confusion, and poor quality content.

You could go to an agency to get your content created, or you could come to us, for something a little different. We don’t work like an agency, because everything is run through me. I’m still the backbone of the business, I just have a pack of super talented writers who support me.

Because I have plenty of writers who can deliver a high volume of work, I can afford to keep prices down for my clients. The Content Wolves will provide industry leading, expertly written content for extremely reasonable prices. 

So how does it work?

You can either get in touch with a brief and I will assign you the best writer for the job, or you can take a look at the wolf profiles on the site, and choose your own.

I know my writers, so I will be able to advise on who will do the best job. I also work on a range of different projects, but I tend to stick to my specialist areas.

We can deliver a high volume of work, but we won’t sacrifice quality in order to churn out articles. I only work with a select number of clients so that I can keep standards exceptionally high.

This is never going to be a huge operation, just a friendly service run by me. You will only ever deal with me, that’s just the way it works.

I honestly don’t think you will find this kind of service anywhere else. So get in touch now if you want to work with us and create content that bites.

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