Four Things No One Tells You About Planning A Wedding

things people dont tell you about planning a wedding

You’re engaged, unbelievably happy and can’t wait to get started planning your wedding. Wedding planning is super exciting, right? Of course, but it’s not exactly a breeze. 

When you’re a little girl you fantasize about planning your dream wedding. You picture an incredible day and imagine what planning your perfect wedding might be like. That’s a whole lotta pressure.

To be fair, wedding planning is wonderful. It’s all about you. You get to choose everything to your tastes and don’t have to listen to anyone else for once, or do you? When everyone discusses what it’s like to be engaged and plan a wedding, it’s mainly all sunshine and rainbows. But there are a few things you may find a  bit of a challenge.

This one’s for the brides to be who are newly engaged and just getting to grips with the complications and stresses of planning your big day. Here’s four things no one tells you about planning a wedding…

1. You need to be an expert in politics

wedding politics

Not real life boring politics. #weddingpolitics is a real thing. It’s your big day, yet everyone expects things from you. To be invited, to be involved, to be shown to be important. I really do wonder how many families end up having massive rows before a wedding, because with so many things to decide and people to please, things get a little tense.

So, my lovely brides to be, learn how to become negotiators, mediators and problem solvers, because you are the boss of this wedding (even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it). The bride and groom should be the dictators, because weddings shouldn’t be a democracy, not when there are too many voices to be heard.

2. Everything will costs waaayyy more than you expected


OK, so most people know weddings are expensive, but do they really know just how expensive? It’s not until you start trying to work out a budget that you realise not just how much some things are, but just the sheer amount of things you have to pay for.

Things that you would never have thought much about or considered to be expensive, like the cost of getting legally married, wedding accessories and decor.

The average wedding costs £24,000. That’s an insane amount of money for one day. It’s half of a decent house deposit. That’s six years of paying to bring up a child (one year averages at just under £4000).

Just because most people pay £24,000, doesn’t mean you have to. You might have more important things to spend your hard earned cash on.

3. Some decisions are like, really really hard


Oh my gosh, I’m only one month in and already I’m a little overwhelmed by the decisions that lie ahead. Choosing bridesmaids isn’t easy. You might have some people you feel you have to have as bridesmaids, but don’t feel they deserve a spot. Or you might find it tough to find two or three people you can really rely on. You may not even want bridesmaids but feel you should.

Then there’s the wedding guest list where you will most likely have to endure pressure to invite people you don’t really care about. Other big decisions include the venue, the dress and the location.

It’s OK to feel a little overwhelmed. If you start to stress over decisions, take more time, and don’t let anyone pressure you.

4. Everyone’s got an opinion, but yours is the only one that matters



Juliet Mckee Photography

I think something I have discovered early on is not to involve too many people. Too many opinions can be draining, and influence your decisions too much. Just pick one or two people who know you well and you trust to help you with your plans. Everyone else can take a step back and be there as and when you need them.

The thing is with weddings, is that everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a picture of what they think the ideal wedding should look like. Instead of worrying about what everyone else thinks, just focus on what you and your hubby to be want. Because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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  1. May 11, 2017 / 12:05 pm

    Thank you, Kiri Nowak, for such a beautiful article to read. You point out some important but almost unexposed facts of planning a wedding. I agree with your first point, at times, couples need to be diplomatic to manage everyone. You beautifully explained it. I really enjoyed reading this. Keep up awesome work. : )

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