Snowflakes & Mindfulness

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Do you ever feel like time has sort of stopped when little white flakes start to fall from the sky? I do. I’ve tried to master mindfulness over time, but, despite all the hype, it’s an exceedingly difficult thing to do. It’s all about noticing things and being present in the moment.

Well, I don’t really notice when it rains or when the sun is shining brightly. But you know what I do pay attention to? Snow. There is just something so mesmerising about the way millions of flakes float down from the heavens. It’s like each and every one of them is doing their own little dance. Swirling and twirling through the air. It’s one of nature’s most elegant masterpieces.


It’s been SO freaking cold lately I’ve been struggling to function. I hate that kind of bitter cold that’s just a little depressing. The kind that comes with murky grey skies, and it’s particularly soul destroying in January and February for some reason. But I do like it when it snows, because it kind of gives the cold a purpose. You can be like, it’s freezing but woooaah look at the snow. And we all head outside to build snowmen and run around in the white fluffy blanket that sprawls across the floor.

I think snow is a perfect mindfulness tool. And seeing as I’ve noticed it today, when we were treated to a few flurries, I’m going to use it as ammunition.

Whenever I need a mindful moment in the next few weeks, I’m going to sit down, close my eyes, and picture snowflakes falling.

In my opinion, aside from the ocean’s waves crashing the shore, I’m not sure there’s anything more soothing.

Plus, on a personal note, snow reminds me of my late father. When it snows, it’s like he’s graced me with his presence. I feel his spirit in the sky and remember his cries of joy whenever it snowed. He loved snow so much, and we had such wonderful times having fun in the garden with him. It snowed a few days after our wedding, and I can’t help but feel as though dad was shedding frozen tears of joy from heaven.


What is it about snowflakes that fills us with joy and peace? Really, snow is literally frozen rain, so when you think about it, is it that special? Perhaps we cherish snowfall because we recognise that no snowflake is the same. Isn’t that incredible? As I was walking into town today I tried to catch a glimpse of the crystalised patterns on the larger snowflakes.

Sometimes, when life is getting a little too much, and you’re far too fixated on your problems, nature gives you a little nudge. A strong breeze, a warming ray of sun, a snowflake landing on the tip of your nose.

All it takes is one of these moments to bring us back to down to earth. To remember that we’re just a minuscule part of an enormous world that has all these powerful elements influencing it.

I’m not surprised that lately I’ve developed a passion for frosty winter travel destinations. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good beach holiday and a dose of some much-needed vitamin D, but, if I’m honest – winter holidays are often more memorable. Heading out to the snow capped mountains or a frosty city infused with Christmas spirit does wonders for the soul.

snow top of mountain switzerland mount rigi

When it snowed today I was reminded of some of my favourite moments in the snow. Climbing a mountain on Christmas day just to find a pocket of snowfall, waking up to a snowstorm and wading through knee-deep snow on a mountain above the clouds. So thank you Mr weatherman for delivering me a snow shower today, because it distracts my mind and took me back to some rather special moments.


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