My Dominican Republic Swimwear Shortlist

My Dominican Republic Swimwear Shortlist

So it’s less than three weeks til my super amazing trip to the Dominican Republic. When doing holiday shopping, obviously the most important items to stock up on are bikinis (OK maybe not practically the most important). Sure, I am thinking about all the things I will need to pack for a safe and comfortable trip, but I also want to look good on the beach.

There’s just something about an awesome bikini, it can literally make the difference between you feeling all shy and body conscious to being like hey, check out my cute bikini people. I think I have wasted (or perhaps not) a huge amount of money on bikinis. Do we really need two new bikinis every year? Why is it so depressing wearing last year’s bikini?

Plus I feel like I have an excuse to buy some gorgeous bikinis. We are going on a Reef Explorer trip, where we will be swimming with stingrays and sharks. Perhaps I don’t need nice bikinis for that, but we will be doing some watersports including kayaking, paddle boarding and hopefully surfing in Cabarete if we have time. Check out what I have planned for the trip here

So I obviously need a sporty bikini that’s gonna stay in place whilst I’m trying all sorts of crazy watersports. Plus, you can’t go paddle boarding in an ugly bikini, no sir. I will also get a bit of time to relax by the pool in the lovely five star hotels we are staying in, so the ultimate sun bathing/poolbar/beach bikini will be needed.

There’s also a trip planned to an eco park, where we will do some trekking and then dip in a beautiful cave pool. Therefore a bikini that I can comfortably go trekking in and then whip out when I need a dip is also necessary.

I have scoured the interweb for some of my fave bikinis, which will be used for different purposes. Here’s my top picks. Sadly I can’t have them all, so would you guys pleeeaasee let me know which ones to get?

The Instagram worthy bikini


I’m a tiny bit in love with this bikini set, firstly because it’s yellow, my fave colour (which also happens to look amazeballs with a tan) and secondly, because of how Insta worth it is. I’m a little torn because despite loving it I could look a tad like a teenager in it and like I’m trying too hard but who cares when you are wearing swimwear as cheeky and as fun as this.

Click here to buy.

The one piece

multiway swimsuit


I already have this swimsuit, it’s not from last year, I bought it a couple of months ago but haven’t had much of a chance to wear it. It’s a drinking champagne by the pool sophisticated type number.

I won’t be doing any lengths in this costume as it may not stay on, but it’s totally perfect for lounging by the pool, and when I need to cover up (a bit) more. It’s a multiway swimsuit, which means you can basically wear it however you want. Happy days.

Click here to buy.

The watersports bikini


This cute lil number looks like it could be worn on a sun lounger, but also whilst surfing the waves. I just love the colour combo, the mosaic print and the cutout feature. Again, it’s a bikini that may make me look quite young but who cares when you are having fun surfin the waves.

Click here to buy

The poolbar bikini



These are def early evening type bikinis that you might wear with an accompanying sarong. They would be ideal for sitting at the pool bar and sipping on cocktails. The black one has got a lovely floral print and it’s lovingly handmade. Get it quick though as it’s limited edition and they only make a certain amount of these beauties.

I also really like the detailing and tassels on the white one, so I’m totally torn between these two. Leaning towards the white one though…

Click here to buy the black bikini.

Click here to buy the white bikini.

The trekking bikini



I think I could easily wear this bikini top under a baggy white t-shirt. It looks fairly supportive and sort of like a mini sports top. Sure I might get odd strap marks but that’s no biggie. I really like the peachy colour and the straps. Or there’s the adorable baby blue one with the cross straps that seem to be very popular right now. Tough decision here. Which one?

Click here to buy the pink bikini.

Click here to buy the blue bikini.

The ultimate tanning bikini


Oww isn’t the bow just so cute? I’m not 100% sure I can pull off the cutesy look so might have to give this one a miss but it is very lovely. It has detachable straps so I could lay there with my cute bow and now have to worry about tan lines.

Click here to buy this bikini.

Please help me? I need a top two, no, a top three? I should probably just buy one but then I won’t have enough options!



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