Exciting News Alert – I’m Off To The Dominican Republic!!!

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I can’t contain my blooming excitement! I’m off on a trip to the Caribbean, thanks to The Holiday Place This trip has been on the cards for a while, but I didn’t want to share the good news until it was officially booked.

I’M GOING TO THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, just wait until you hear what I have got planned! I will give you a few hints, it includes stingrays and sharks, cable cars and zip wires, crawling through caves and visiting local schools, and staying in three plush five star hotels. Man I hate my job.

This isn’t just any luxurious beach holiday, it’s going to be an epic trip full of unique experiences and fantastic adventures. I’m not jumping on a plane and flying nine hours just to sit on my backside sunbathing all week, no sir.

I’m on a mission to prove everyone wrong about the Dominican Republic and show that it’s not just a beautiful beach holiday destination after all. Goodbye bikini, hello shorts, hiking boots and explorer gear (although to be fair I will probably try and squeeze a bit of sunbathing in, gals gotta get a good tan after all).

I have asked a few friends that have been if they have any tips on what to do, and their general impression of this popular holiday destination. A few said it’s really relaxing and the beaches are stunning, but there’s not much to do there. From my research I can see that isn’t the case. I think people just assume there’s not much to do because of their preconceptions of the Dominican Republic.

Most people are just happy to go there for sun, sand and sea, and that’s totally OK.

I used to want to just chill out all the time on holiday, but nowadays I get itchy feet. I sit there for a while on the sunbed and then think, what exactly am I achieving here? Surely I’m missing out on doing cool stuff?

So this trip is going to be all about adventures, getting to know the local culture and creating unforgettable memories that I can share with you all.

fruits and local dominican republic

What’s even cooler, is that I’m not having to venture out to the Caribbean on my own, I’m bringing a travel buddy with me. My friend Hannah and I are going on all these adventures together, and we are going to review the Dominican Republic as a sophisticated, luxurious girls holiday destination with a twist (the twist being all the cool stuff and adventures you can do).

My other half is bummed he’s not going, and will be at home sulking, he will not be reading this post (he doesn’t want to hear about how awesome our trip is going to be, which is fair enough). My little sis was mean’t to be coming with me, but she wasn’t able to make it. We were going to go kitesurfing as it’s meant to be one of the best destinations in the world for kitesurfing (and the little sis is pretty darn good at it). Thankfully I am not going solo, I get to take my friend Hannah and enjoy a girls holiday of a lifetime. Hannah, are you up for hitting the waves with me?! Surely it can’t be that difficult?

kitesturfing in cabarete dominican republic

So I guess you may be wondering where we are staying and what we have planned? I have a provisional itinerary which I hope will inspire others to try more unusual stuff on their travels in the Dominican.

The hotels

hotel in dominican republic on beach

03-900 (1)

03-900 (2)

I only have a week, and I need to travel all around the nation so that I can see and do as much as possible, which means we won’t be staying in one place for very long. We will be spending 3 nights in the IBEROSTAR Bávaro, two nights in both the Iberostar Costa Dorada and Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus.

Check out the facilities at these hotels, we are two very lucky ladies. I will post a review of the hotels when I get back from my trip, comparing the food, facilities, beaches and location of each of the hotels.

Here’s some of the things I have planned….

Excursion to Scape park to visit Hoyo Azul Eco Adventure

We will be going on a trip to Scape Park, which is a one million square metre natural theme park. On this trip we will see lots of wildlife, natural wonders and stunning scenery.

We will be launched down a zip wire and then going on a hike through the jungle to see the Iguabonita Cave and the Hoyo Azul (see image below). We may also get to go horseback riding and drive around the park in a buggy.


Reef explorer

reef sharks in dom rep

Another exciting day trip we have planned is a visit to the Punta Cana Reef Explorer for some marine life encounters. Although I’m ridiculously excited about this, I’m also terrified, because it may involve swimming with sharks, reef sharks to be exact.

I’m a tad scared of sharks, as most people are, but apparently these are docile sharks that aren’t particularly dangerous. Personally, all sharks seem dangerous, but that’s just me.

Watch this space to find out whether I am brave enough to get in the water with these amazing creatures. My little sister has been in a cage with an enormous great white shark, so perhaps I need to step up my game.

You can also have a stingray encounter, and go snorkelling, which I am much more open to. There’s 11 different activities to choose from including sunbathing on floating mats in the sea, paddle boarding, massages and kayaking.

Outback safari

outback safari in the dominican republic things to do

I’m really looking forward to going on an outback safari, as of all the activities, this sounds like an excursion that will really uncover the real Dominican. This full day excursion includes so many things such as visiting a traditional home, school and cocoa plantation (hello chocolate samples, come to mumma).

There’s also iguanas, a cigar rolling demonstration (in case I want to take up smoking cigars someday) and a visit to Macao beach for a bit of boogie boarding.

Puerto Plata city tour with cable car

cable car ride puerto plata

Puerto Plata is the capital of the Puerto Plata province, and there’s a few interesting sights to see. We will be taking a cable car up to the peak of Isabel de Torres mountain to see the jaw-dropping views and admire the character of the city from above.

This tour also takes us to the San Felipe Fortress, Central Park (not in New York) and the Amber Museum.

Saona Island

saona island paradise
Image courtesy of puntacantaairportravel.com

If I was to imagine paradise, it would look very much like Saona Island. A peaceful, stunningly beautiful island lined with palm trees, soft white sand and the clearest waters you have ever seen.

We will be spending a wonderful day here learning local dance, tucking into a buffet lunch, playing volleyball, standing in a pool of starfish and possibly drinking a fair amount of rum. Just call me Captain Jack Sparrow.

So that’s our rough itinerary, I expect we will add in a few more cheeky activities here and there. I plan to make the most of the luxury hotels we are staying in and the all-inclusive food (I have actually never been all-inclusive before, so here’s to trying new things). I also want to visit Cabarete, the famous water sports beach with massive waves.

I’m definitely also going to treat myself to a few massages and spa treatments to top off the trip of a lifetime. I CANNOT WAIT! Bring on the end of June. The Dominican Republic, we are coming for you!!!

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