Nevermind Valentine’s Day, Here’s 13 Reasons Why Christmas Eve Is The Most Romantic Holiday

reasons why christmas eve is the most romantic holiay

Last night I was thinking about what to do on Christmas eve this year, and it got me thinking. Christmas eve is pretty darn romantic. When you think about it, there’s lots of things that make Christmas eve especially romantic.

Valentine’s Day feels forced and fake, but Christmas eve feels authentic. I bet you have had some of your most romantic moments the evening before Christmas. The kind of moments that occur naturally, rather than when you receive roses and a card every year on Valentine’s Day (if you are lucky).

My man and I usually spend Christmas eve in a pub outside of Brighton, because all his old school friends meet there every year. However, this year, unfortunately we can’t make it because we live too far away. So we will be spending it at home, together.

This blog post may split opinions, because so many people love Valentine’s Day, but hear me out. Here’s 13 reasons why Christmas Eve is the most romantic holiday/evening of the year.

  1. The excitement of Christmas

The excitement of knowing that Christmas is merely a few hours away is enough for any romance to blossom. You can enjoy the anticipation together and feel all Christmas on Christmas Eve.

  1. Mistletoe

Steal a cheeky kiss with your partner under the mistletoe. Whether you have only been dating for a few months, or have been together for years, a moment under the mistletoe can be precious.

  1. Mulled wine

Curl up on the sofa together and enjoy a comforting glass of mulled wine. Go one step further and enjoy making some mulled wine and mince pies from scratch with your loved one.

  1. There are no big expectations

So much pressure is put on Valentine’s Day. Men feel like they have to do something overly romantic, which can often end up being a tad cringe worthy. With Christmas Eve, there are no expectations and you can simply enjoy your time together.

  1. Heartwarming Christmas movies

It’s difficult not to feel the romance when you watch a heartwarming Christmas movie. An obvious choice would be the ridiculously soppy Love Actually.

  1. The chance of snow

Anyone else think snow is a little bit romantic? When you are all warm and cosy in your lover’s arms and you look outside and see flakes of snow dropping from the sky, you can’t help but feel the Christmas magic.

  1. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

You might not be able to roast chestnuts, but if you can light up your fireplace and cosy up next to it you will instantly feel close to your partner. Christmas Eve is cosy, and that’s partly what makes it so romantic.

  1. Christmas scented candles

I adore Christmas scented candles. With cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg awakening your senses you might start to feel the urge to do something romantic. It’s not just the scents, having candles glowing all around your living room is also very calming and romantic.

  1. The Japanese think Christmas eve is for lovers

The Japanese celebrate Christmas Eve a bit like we celebrate Valentine’s Day. For them, it is often celebrated even more than Christmas day. True story. It’s a day where couples spend quality time together, see the Christmas lights, have a romantic meal and exchange gifts.

  1. The Christmas lights

Whether you stay in and light up all your fairy lights, or head into town and walk down a high street filled with Christmas lights and decorations, you will feel the romance of Christmas eve.

  1. The festive food

Men are most happy when they have been fed well, right? The same goes for me really. Whilst tucking into lots of festive treats you can’t help but feel happy, which means you are more likely to be nice to/appreciate your partner.

  1. The atmosphere

There’s a certain atmosphere on Christmas Eve, and you can kind of just sense that romance is in the air. For me, Christmas eve has always been magical. Everything is just so darn Christmassy and even the scrooges out there can’t help but feel just a little bit festive.

  1. Voted the most romantic holiday to propose

According to ‘research’ (a survey by, Christmas Eve is the most romantic holiday to propose. For realz. Many people (32%) feel it’s the superior holiday to pop the question. I think that says it all really.

So there you have it, feel free to share your opinions and thoughts below.

The Content Wolf x

Christmas eve most romantic holiday

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