Getting Used To Not Wearing Makeup In The Week

what it's like to not wear makeup in the week


When I was an awkward tween my mum used to tell me I didn’t need to wear any makeup. ‘Why would you cover your face with that stuff’ my dad used to say. Obviously makeup does wonders, and can really make you pop, but I’m starting to understand what they meant.

It’s becoming harder and harder to not wear makeup. Every image you see on social media has someone not only caked in makeup, but also enhanced using apps. So we have this warped perception of what people should look like, how their eyebrows should be and how perfect their complexion should appear.

When I don’t wear makeup, and I gaze down at my Instagram feed, I feel the urge to reach for my foundation and cake my face in it. I start thinking really negative thoughts like, why do I look like such a darn mess all the time? Why does everyone else seem to look way more polished than me?

In order to really accept how we look, we need to spend more time looking in the mirror and getting used to our face without makeup, and less time looking at pictures of celebrities, models and even friends and comparing ourselves.

Lately, I have been attempting to not wear makeup in the week unless I have something important. Thankfully I’m lucky enough that my working week only involves working from my office at home, in the library or in a coffee shop, where it’s unlikely that anyone important will see me.

I don’t have to go into an office. When I used to work in an office and turn up without mascara for example, people would be like, are you OK? You look really tired, and I’m like, no I’m good, I’m just wearing less makeup. Cheers.

I’m also lucky in that I moved somewhere where noone I know lives. Therefore, there’s very little chance I’m going to bump into an X boyfriend, super bitch from school or just anyone who I wouldn’t want to see whilst look a tad uggers.

I still have random fearful moments when I realise I look like a scruffy mess. I look ridiculously young without make up, which you would assume is good but actually it just makes me feel insecure and worry people won’t take me seriously.

Despite the fear, panic and insecurities, slowly, I’m getting used to it. Every now and then I look in the mirror and I’m like, OK, this is what my face looks like. I supposed I don’t always have to hide it under makeup.

I’m starting to notice things about my face I hadn’t paid attention to before.

Like the freckles on my nose and the shape of my lashes, and realise, in reality I probably look alright.

Surprisingly, the thing that bothers me most about not wearing makeup is how lame and invisible my eyebrows look, not the complexion of my skin or lack of mascara. However, you can easily sort this (even thought it’s cheating a little) by getting your brows shaped and dyed, it makes such a huge difference. 

Waking up in the morning has become more of a joy, because hello clean, makeup free face and happy skin! Also, when it gets to 11pm at night I think oh god I have to take my warpaint off, then I remember I don’t have any on, happy days, I put a dash of moisturiser on and hop into bed.

The best bit is then when you go to put makeup on at the weekend and get dressed up all fancy, you actually feel good about yourself.

Putting makeup on becomes a novelty again, and it appears to make more of a difference.

I do still worry that my boyfriend will go off me a bit because, well, look at my bland face, but he’s currently still here, so I guess he’s getting used to it to.

One tip I would add though is if you are going to go makeup free all the time, think about getting your hair done. Why? Because if you have crap hair you may not have the confidence to go makeup free. Good hair can get you a long way these days.

So go get a trim, top of your highlights, try a brand new hair colour, whatever you have to do. I defo need to sort my barnet out as I’m currently rocking a jeans and cardi, no makeup and crazy dull hair look.

However, on the whole, I’m very much enjoying going makeup free in the week. I appreciate some people may not be able to go completely makeup free, but try baby steps. I tried just wearing a tiny bit of foundation and a bit of blusher before I went completely bare.
I hope this posts gives some people the confidence to try feeling more comfortable in their own skin and ditching all those chemicals we plaster on our faces. Hit me up with your thoughts and comments below.

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