Different Ways Water Can Improve Your Wellbeing

Different Ways Water Can Improve Your Wellbeing

We all know the benefits water brings to our lives. Humans are water-based life forms, so we can’t survive without it. 60% of our bodies, 90% of our blood and 73% of our brain and heart is made up of water. As elixirs of life go, water is the ultimate.

If you’ve ever Googled the benefits of water, you’ll find the results are mostly about how much to drink, why you should drink it and how it benefits you.

Water is the most versatile substance on the planet, and as well as hydrating and cleansing our bodies physically, it can also be used to cleanse the mind and soul, help relax, sleep and exercise. A healthy mind is a positive mind, and water can play a vital role in creating the serenity we all desire in today’s modern world.

A few ways water can improve your wellbeing

Take a dip

ways water can improve your wellbeing

There’s something deeply relaxing about swimming. It feels natural to spend time in a pool, dipping below the surface and feeling the calm that surrounds you. Going for a swim has huge benefits to the human body. It helps improve mental health and keeps you away from distractions, such as checking your social media accounts on your phone. It also gives your heart and muscles a gentle workout and builds endurance, while swimming underwater can help increase lung capacity.

For pregnant women, swimming is one of the safest exercises to do. The water helps reduce swelling in the ankles and feet, and decreases stress levels which also benefits the baby’s health. 

And, for those who dare, skinny dipping also has its health benefits. It allows the sun’s natural vitamin D to hit every part of the body, which can be more effective than taking supplements. It even has its own date on the calendar, which is the second Saturday in July.

Do go chasing waterfalls

If you’ve downloaded an app to help you sleep, relax or meditate, you’ll have noticed there’s at least one water option on the list. There’s a reason for that. A rushing river, a babbling brook or a cascading waterfall are all classed as ‘white noise’ and therefore deemed a non-threatening sound. 

A person screaming in the street, or a car horn blaring can be a cause for alarm. But the sound of water in its natural environment is interpreted by the brain as nothing to worry about. In turn, this aids restfulness and allows the body to relax, perfect for those times when you need a moment of calm.

Just walking in the rain, getting soaking wet

Hearing rain against the window while in bed may make you want to pull the duvet closer and go back to sleep. But for some, a rainy day can be a reason to get up and out of the house. Going out for a walk in the rain may seem like a crazy idea, but a walk in the countryside during rainfall has a completely different effect than trawling around the shops lugging soggy bags of shopping home.

Taking a walk through the woods or a forest and listening to the raindrops as they splash on the leaves above helps clear the mind. Rain freshens the air, the smell refreshes the mind and walking in the rain burns more calories. Benefits all around! And what better feeling than getting home, having a hot shower (more soothing water), changing into warm clothes and curling up on the sofa with a good movie?

Coast your way to the sea

benefits of water

With over 7,500 miles of coastline, Britain has some amazing beaches to visit. There is a certain appeal to watching the waves crash against the shoreline time and again. Or maybe enjoy the gentle ebb and flow as the tide comes in or slowly goes out. Time seems to slow down as the water pushes forward, then allows itself to roll back before repeating the process. It’s a relentless motion, but one that still fascinates the mind and relaxes the body and soul.

If watching the sea makes you feel cold, wrap yourself in a warm blanket before closing your eyes and filling your lungs with the fresh air that the coast brings. The sounds of the sea and a cool breeze all adds to a very therapeutic day.

Lose all your senses in a relaxation tank

Have you ever wanted to feel so relaxed you don’t want to move? If so, a floatation tank is ideal. While floating around in a dark tank with shallow water isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, the removal of light, sound and gravity allows the mind to rest and be at ease.

The benefits of a relaxation tank can include reduced stress and anxiety, relief of physical pain and aiding restful sleep. The use of salts in the water help you relax and maintain floatation, so your mind and soul can take a well-earned and deserved time out. If there are no facilities nearby, you can create a similar experience at home in the bath. Eye mask on, bath salts in and a do not disturb sign on the door. Prepare to drift away to relaxation bliss.

Water is a simple commodity, but the most vital in our lives. Doing just one of these suggestions once a month can help you harness the power water brings, ease your mind and present clarity in difficult situations. And in today’s world, that is something we can all do with.

Article by Pete Cummings

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