Why Should Your Life Never Revolve Around Social Media?

how to reduce social media usage

We’ve all been there. 

Aimlessly scrolling through our all-too-eerily-accurate ‘for you’ pages on the nearest available social media, disinterested in what we see, but unable to stop scrolling. 

Posting heavily edited pictures to one of our various ‘stories’. Feeling obliged to create a witty caption or to appear camera ready at all times – or face the judgement of your peers.

Ultimately, living in a social media age is tough. You, your children, your friends, your grandma even; likely have access to some kind of social media. And that means using it pretty regularly to keep up to date on all the latest news or to show off the latest development in their life.

Whilst being interconnected with your entire unit of loved ones is a fantastic way of keeping in touch and sending your love, sometimes navigating the balance between ‘I’m communicating with the ones I love and it’s awesome!’ and ‘I feel like I can’t compare to so and so…’ can be a fine line that can result in an unhealthy relationship with social media.

But if you need a reminder about why social media isn’t the pinnacle of your life, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. 

How to disconnect from social media

Photo vs reality

make up finer details obsession

If you use Instagram, you’ll likely be familiar with the flurries of pretty selfies smothering your homepage. Celebrities with their glamorous attire and pristine hair, or even your gal pal in an edited selfie – sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the way others look and start wondering: ‘why don’t I look like that?’.

Seeing other people online with the life, the looks, and the success you crave for yourself can sometimes lead to a competition fuelled insecurity, as sometimes we aren’t always able to see the full perspective.

Often social media leads us astray with our expectations. It pins people against one another and even forces ourselves to compare and nitpick minor details about our own lives and bodies. 

But realistically, we overcome huge hurdles each day and nurture beautiful bodies that fuel our daily routines. Whether it’s battling yourself to get to work, or successfully completing your first workout in a while, the energy we direct towards ourselves provides an output. And that output is just as worthy as those we see on social media – just sometimes we aren’t always as glamorous!

Like, let’s be real, when was the last time you really looked at yourself and acknowledged your beauty, what you have achieved, and the love surrounding you? Maybe not recently, but now is a good time to start. 

Where did the positivity go?

ways to switch off from social media

Admittedly, social media can be an extremely toxic and negligent place, where young children and adults alike are bullied by malicious trolls and hatred burns at the core of each nasty comment.

Unfortunately, as social media surrounds us in every inch of our daily lives, negative comments can sometimes have a lasting impact – and even lead us to being the nasty commenters!

Sure, you might not comment on your friend’s newest picture, but a rude comment may pop into your mind and unconsciously judge their appearance. You may not verbalize it, but others online do and their thought process is the same as yours!

All internet trolls started off with silent thoughts and sometimes admitting that we need to unlearn these negative thought processes is a lifesaver!

Preaching the same love we hope to receive, both in reality and online, shows the quality of your personality and helps recognize the value of others in an affirming way that ultimately benefits everyone.

There’s no time for hate, don’t let social media make you think hatred should be normal!

Putting down your mobile

Often, putting down the phone and admitting you’ve had enough of social media for today can be a trialling task for many people in a routine of scrolling day in and day out. Sure, you may want to see the latest posts all the time, but ultimately the posts will be there forever, the moments passing you by won’t.

Particularly having a family full of young and elderly folk, as spritely as they may be, is not something to be taken for granted. As time slips between our fingers and memories are desperate to be made, why waste time getting the perfect picture and post prepared for external approval, when you can enjoy and love every moment without a digital burden?

Let’s take the steps to putting down the mobile together and enjoy our lives!

If you need support in this, taking a short break and listening to sleep aids or meditating through ​​Headspace is a guaranteed way to strip away some of that technological reliance and teach you peaceful and constructive ways to disconnect.

**Article by Matthew Webster**

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