Dear Internet, I Can’t Be The Social, Extroverted Blogger You Want Me To Be

Dear Internet, I Can’t Be The Social, Extroverted Blogger You Want Me To Be

I guess this issue has been playing on my mind for a while. I really love writing my blog, but the more I have delved into the world of blogging, the more I think that perhaps I don’t fit the mould.

Why? I’m more of a writer than a blogger. Bloggers of today are very social beings who share every aspect of their life with their fans, and network with other bloggers. Sure, I love discussing topics I feel passionate about with fellow bloggers, but most of the time I would rather just get my head down and write stuff.

The blogging world feels very much like the real world. I’m more of an introvert, so although I am good at networking and meeting people and building relationships, I don’t always enjoy it. What I really enjoy is my work, and pouring my soul into my writing whilst sat at my laptop with a hot chocolate or maybe a herbal tea. That’s my happy place.

I so want to be a part of the blogging world. I want to be able to build a social following and charm the pants off people with my Facebook and Instagram posts. But that’s not me. I’m more interested in writing a blog for people to read. Yeah I’m happy to put the odd picture on Instagram, but that’s about it.

Can blogs survive these days without having an enormous social media presence? To be fair, I don’t have a very big social following, yet my blog still gets a pretty decent amount of traffic. Why? Probably because my natural search traffic is increasing and some of the evergreen articles I have written are beginning to get consistent monthly traffic, rather than instant surges from the odd social post.

To anyone that regularly follows my blog, I am sorry, but I can’t be a social media superstar too. Firstly, I don’t have the time, as I have to run my copywriting business. And secondly, I’m not sure I really want to. Don’t get me wrong, I really admire the people who succeed at this, but after trying a little and failing, I’m realising it’s just not me.

I don’t look immaculate every single day of my life. I rarely put on any makeup in the week. Posting a daily picture of myself in a cute outfit is just not going to happen.

Yes I write great articles, but I am not fashionable or stylish or cool, and I don’t see why I need to be.

I tried doing videos about my everyday life and attempting the YouTube thing, but to be honest, they were pretty boring. Which isn’t surprising because my voice is painfully dull. And when my friends saw them they took the piss so much that I took them down out of shame. So I’m finally accepting that what I’m good at is writing, and perhaps I should stick to that.

Although it’s wonderful to see all these bloggers and social media stars doing amazing, and brilliant for our generation, I would love to see things change a little. I would love for more bloggers to post an ugly picture of themselves when they wake up with a snotty nose, or of an enormous greasy burger they just ate, or an honest account of how they felt after something went wrong.

Because currently, the apparent life they lead is quite soul destroying.

Every time I go on Instagram and see the sparkly lives of the people I follow, I feel an ugly feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I feel jealousy, but also anxiety. I start to worry that I’m not good enough, and wonder why I can’t be more like these people. But the truth is I’m not, and I shouldn’t try to be.

As I mentioned, I’m not having a moan. I’m just documenting my thought process and realisations. I bloody love the blogging world. It’s incredible. But, just like I realised that in real life I shouldn’t be ashamed to be an introvert, I’m going to do the same in the online world too. If I love writing, and the simplicity of posting my articles online, and don’t feel like I necessarily fit into the social media side of things, then that’s OK.
You gotta play to your strengths, and not beat yourself up over your weaknesses. Go with what works for you. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Be proud of your strengths. I absolutely adore writing.

If people follow me on social media because they like my writing, I will be over the moon. But I’m not going to force myself to be a social being in the online world when I would rather watch from afar.

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