10 Reasons Why Obsessing Over Beautiful Women Does Not Make You Feel Good

10 Reasons Why Obsessing Over Beautiful Women Does Not Make You Feel Good
Photocred Kendall Jenner Instagram

I am writing this post because I am seeing a growing number of my friends obsessing over other women on social media. The problem is, in our minds there is always someone who is prettier than us, has better eyebrows or a nicer figure. Heartfelt, honest and sort of heart breaking status updates from women who have lost their self worth appear before my eyes. I too am getting sucked in, but I really don’t want to get lost in a black hole of negative thought patterns.

Social media photoshopping

Social media has opened up a can of worms when it comes to self esteem. You can peek into other people’s lives and begin to believe that everyone else’s life is better than yours. Instead of simply browsing through the pages of glossy magazines and admiring models, we see the everyday women on social media looking flawless.

Magazine editors have photoshop, but now normal girls can use apps to change their appearance so much that they barely look real. When you look at all those fashion bloggers, models, reality stars and actresses on Instagram remember that their images have been edited beyond belief.

You are punishing yourself

I don’t quite know how or why it has happened, but I am following an army of beautiful females on Instagram. I haven’t followed them to get beauty tips or because I care about their lives but because I want to punish myself. Everyday I look at my news feed and see women that are fitter, more toned, sexier, more fashionable and most importantly, more successful than I am.

Ladies, this is not helpful. We are forgetting how amazing we really are because we are too hypnotized by other women. Here are 10 reasons why obsessing over beautiful women on social media does NOT make you feel good.

1. You are never going to get a bum like Kim Kardashians. It probably isn’t real anyway, it’s both photoshopped, surgically enhanced and giving you false expectations.

2. Focusing on what other people have is only making you think about what you haven’t got. When was the last time you thought about one of your strengths rather than someone elses?

3. Scrolling through the trashy celeb columns on the daily mail and discovering how much weight fame hungry reality stars have lost will not motivate you to get fit in the right way.

4. Following models on Instagram is not healthy. You will only pick holes in everything about yourself.

5. Stop wishing you were better at everything in your life. Spending your time looking at other women on social media and getting jealous is not a productive way of spending your time.

6. Stop wanting to be thinner and appreciate your curves for once. Or stop looking at curvy women and wishing you weren’t a bean pole. Work with what you have got and learn to love yourself.

7. Obsessing over other women often results in you taking numerous selfies to try and feel better about yourself. Then you end up giving up because you can’t take the perfect picture and feel even worse.

8. The celebrities you see on social media have the money and the resources to make themselves look glamorous. They can pay for surgery, have the best stylists in the world and an even an eyebrow transplant. You may think they look better when in reality your natural beauty shines through.

9. Just because someone has thousands of Instagram followers doesn’t mean they are prettier than you, they just know how to market themselves. Don’t obsess over how many followers you have and wonder why your female friends have more. The number of followers you have does not define you.

10. Sitting at home and obsessing over other women is not going to make you feel attractive. Getting dressed up, working what you have got and accepting who you are  (see pic below) will make you feel a lot better.

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