Stress Busting Activities For Worryaholics

Stress Busting Activities For Worryaholics

So you are having a bad week, nothing seems to be going right and you feel like you at at breaking point. Instead of ploughing on in a relentless attempt to be invincible, find some time to do something that will help you switch off. ‘I don’t have enough time’ I hear you say. Some of these activities will only take ten minutes out of your day, max (most of them can be done in a lunch break). If you want to remain sane then you need to make time for some stress-busting activities.

Everyone is different, and a few of these suggestions might not suit some people. However, I urge you to keep an open mind.

We are naturally drawn to certain activities but sometimes it helps to think outside the box and try something we wouldn’t normally choose to do.

For example, I love high intensity, competitive sports such as kickboxing – but it isn’t always the best cure for me when I am feeling anxious. I have never tried Yoga or Pilates because they seem way too tame for me (and I hate stretching, snooorreee), but deep, deep down I know just how beneficial it would be for me to do a much more gentle, calming type of physical activity every so often. #lifegoal

I see these activities as sort of an escape, things you can do to temporarily get away from the headache that is the real world. If you start to feel a sense of panic coming on and you can feel the tension building in your body, force yourself to get out of the house or try one of these activities.

Whilst doing these activities there should be no interruptions, no phones, no emails and no nagging bosses. Just you, focusing on nothing but the task at hand. You don’t have to try all of these activities, just pick two or three and make it your goal to try them in the next few months. In time you will figure out which ones have the best calming effect.

Here are 15 top stress busting activities for workaholics:

1. Yoga/pilates – the perfect way to relax your body and mind.

2. Meditation – attend a class or teach yourself how to meditate and you will soon feel the benefits.

3. Listen to calming music – switch your phone off and listen to some relaxing music. Bliss.

4. Listen to an anxiety app – there are numerous anxiety apps that can help you to de-stress.

5. Martial arts – punch and kick away your stress at a martial arts class. Great for getting rid of pent up stress.

6. Go on a walk – escape whatever is stressing you out by going for a walk and getting some fresh air. Simple yet very effective.

7. Read your favourite book – let your mind settle into a book for half an hour, it will prevent you from thinking about everything that is worrying you.

8. Shopping – it’s called retail therapy for a reason. I sometimes go shopping just to switch off for a while and focus on nothing but finding something to buy that will temporarily cheer my up.

9. Go to the gym – even though you can’t be arsed, you always feel better after a workout.

10. Book a reflexology session – for me personally, this is one of the only things that really relaxes me. Reflexology can work wonders for worryaholics.

11. Book a massage – soothe your muscles and your mind with a relaxing massage. If I was rich I would have one every day.

12. Go swimming – when you dive into a swimming pool you immediately experience a feeling of calm. I love swimming under the water and pretending like I haven’t got a care in the world.

13. Volunteer – volunteer your time for one hour a week. It’s an excellent distraction from your manic life and you can do something good. For example, I am waiting to hear back from a buddying scheme that I applied for where you befriend a local person who is lonely or in need.

14. Cook your favourite meal – I find cooking to be one of the best ways to switch off. Put on some upbeat music and focus only on cooking and nothing else.

15. Have a bath – nothing beats a hot bath with candles and maybe even a cheeky glass of vino. The best way to end a stressful day.

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