7 Reasons Why I Don’t Want To Be Skinny For Winter

Reasons not to be skinny for winter

You will probably come across a lot of blog posts that will encourage you to lose weight this winter and to avoid putting on those extra pounds during the festive period. This is not one of them. While I am all for eating healthily and staying fit, which I will still be doing, there are some benefits to not stressing about your weight all winter long.

I am a little concerned that people might judge me writing this post, and almost decided to scrap it. I have quite a few friends who are athletes and who work in the fitness industry, and I don’t want to disappoint them. I love eating healthily, and being toned and fit. That’s not going to change. Just because you weigh more, doesn’t mean you are unhealthy.

Obviously I don’t think people should be going crazy and put on loads of weight, I just mean you may not need to worry about a few pounds here and there. As long as you are eating decent quality food (and not too much of it) then you should be fine. I am all for healthy eating, but I also think you should be able to have a treat every once in awhile.

In the summer, like many other people, I work hard on my beach body. This winter I feel like I am a bear getting ready for hibernation, I have to stock up on foods full of energy and goodess. Here are 7 reasons why I don’t want to be super skinny for winter.

1. You don’t show much skin in the winter anyways

We all cover up in the winter with tons of layers, and it’s unusual to be showing much skin. You don’t need to be self conscious about your slightly chunky thighs or little belly in the winter. For most of the season, we tend to cover up. Unless you are going on holiday, or going to a spa, your beach body won’t be judged any time soon.

2. Some extra weight will help keep you warm

Just like animals in the wild, having a teeny bit of extra weight will help to keep you warm in the winter. I am not naturally skinny, and I am always cold. Very slim people must really struggle to stay warm in the winter months. Luckily my curves help to keep me cosy, and I don’t care who knows it.

3. You can eat food off your winter belly

OK so I doubt that I will have a big enough belly to do this. But when I am a little bloated, I can rest snacks on my stomach. I dread to think how much food I will eat off my belly when I am preggers.

4. You don’t have to miss out on amazeballs festive food

Those who go on super strict diets in the winter months must be truly miserable. It’s the best time of year for good old comfort food. From roast dinners to warming soups and delicious puds, winter meals are a winner. It sucks sitting at the dinner table on Christmas day when you can’t eat a lot of the food, and you have to sit there watching everyone else enjoy it. December is not a good time for an extreme diet.

5. You don’t have to obsess over your weight

For a few months, stop weighing yourself every day. Try not to obsess over the tiniest fluctuations in weight. Instead, focus on keeping fit and eating foods with a high nutritional value. Worrying about our weight can make us feel really bad, and sometimes even a little bit depressed. Set yourself free and put the scales away for a month or so, and see how much better you feel.

6. Curves are more attractive anyways, according to most men

In the last year I have tried to lose quite a bit of weight, for myself, and also for my kickboxing (trying to get into a lower weight category). Whilst appreciating my reasoning, my boyfriend was not very pleased, because he doesn’t like it when I am skinnier. He, like a lot of men, prefers curves over being thin. He would rather I am strong, fit and slightly heavier than a few kilograms lighter and stressing over my weight.

7. Hot chocolates

My ultimate weakness, and now it is officially hot drink season. On cold days I want nothing more than to curl up with a hot chocolate full of marshmallows and stupid amounts of whipped cream. I cannot be skinny if I don’t give up this obsession. I choose the hot chocolate.


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