5 Reasons Why You Need Tuscan Food In Your Belly Right Now

private tuscan chef tuscany

Beware, this blog post may contain food porn. I recently returned from a trip to Tuscany, where I ate like an absolute hero and indulged far, far too much. However, when you see the tasty morsels I got my hands on you will understand why I probably doubled in body weight within the space of a week.

Tuscan food is yummy. It’s hearty, comforting, satisfying and filling, but most of all, it’s made with the freshest ingredients around. There’s no elaborate, complicated, pretentious sauces, just plain simple good food. The locals here don’t need to use complex sauces, because they rely on the quality of their ingredients. Think quality over quantity.

I was pretty much in a food coma and carrying an epic food baby the whole time, but it was worth it. I have got back to my normal boring English diet now and done a lot (but not enough) of exercise to try and burn off those Tuscan calories. Thanks to To Tuscany for making our tip happen :-) Also thanks to Andrea, the private chef we hired, who cooked a mouth-watering feast for us. 

Here’s some reasons why you need to get some Tuscan food in your belly right now.

1. It’s carbolicious

multicoloured pasta tuscany

I’m defo a savoury kinda gal. Not too fussed about desserts, but throw some carbs my way, and I’m in heaven. When you visit Tuscany you will discover carbs are always on the menu. There’s pasta, bread, pizza, gnocchi, risotto…the list goes on. Carboholics will feel right at home.

2. It contains locally grown goodies


As mentioned above, the Tuscans use mainly fresh, locally grown fruit and veg in the cooking. Have a courgette or carrot in Tuscany and then go back to the UK and have the same thing, you will be very disappointed. Tuscan vegetables just taste a whole lot better.

3. It contains a lot of wine

chianti classico old and new wine

Hello tasty sauces made with high quality wine, welcome to my belly. I do appreciate a sauce infused with wine, especially when it’s some of the best wine in the world. When you produce world renowned wine, it would be rude not to use it in your cooking.

4. It’s full of the best olive oil around

olive olive oil chianti tuscany

Another firm favourite of mine. Even before setting foot in Tuscany, I would habitually pour olive oil all over salads, rice and pasta dishes. Then I went to Tuscany and tasted the most delicious olive oil of all time, and decided it was acceptable to add it to any meal.

5. There’s lots and lots of fresh veg

eating out in florence restaurants budget

I reckon I could probably be a vegetarian, at least for a little while. So I really enjoyed the abundance of veggies on offer in Tuscany. They eat a lot of aubergines and courgettes, which are two of my faves.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite dishes and delicacies we sampled:

Pecorino cheese (now my fave cheese)

pecorino cheese and tuscan ham

Sausage, mozzarella and spinach pizza

sausage and spinach pizza tuscany

Pappardelle pasta

papardelle pasta boar TuSCANY SPECIAL

Chicken in Chianti wine

chicken in chianti wine tuscan food dishes

Traditional Tuscan starter

traditional tuscan starter

Meatball and vegetable buffet

eating out in florence restaurants budget

Fresh fish selection

fresh fish dish tuscany

Traditional Tuscan soup (Ribollita)

traditional tuscan soup ribollita

Panna cotta

panna cotta tuscany

Warm chicken liver and veal spleen pate

mozerella and tomatoes tuscany

Tuscan ice cream

tuscan ice cream shop castellina in chianti

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