My Secret Tips For Creating Killer Blog Titles

how to write killer blog titles

I have seen many blog posts about how to create titles that convert etc. Whilst there are some excellent posts out there, a lot of them cover the same stuff. I want to share with you my personal tips and sneaky secrets, which hopefully will be a little bit different from what you have already read. Soz to my lifestyle readers out there, this post is more on the marketing side of things.

After seven years in digital marketing, I have picked up a few clever tricks, but mainly I have just got better at writing titles. I come up with hundreds of blog title ideas for a lot of my clients, and they seem to like them, so I guess I must be doing something right. Here’s my secret tips for creating killer blog titles:

Use catchy and underused words

Avoid using the first words that come into your head. Instead, choose words that people don’t read every day. For example, instead of using the most dull word ever (great), try something more enticing (epic, tremendous, immense). Go on, make your titles just a little bit sexy, I dare you.

Create FOMO and intrigue

All awesome titles have something intriguing about them. They will lure you in with a few sneaky words that make you feel like you need to read the article. Better still, if your title can make people feel they will miss out (FOMO) if they don’t read your post, you are on to a winner. Here’s a few basic examples:

  • Things you didn’t know…
  • Mysterious facts about..
  • …. things you are missing out on
  • How to avoid xyz happening…
  • Why so many people are…..

Tap into people’s emotions and desires

Try and make sure each blog title idea you come up with appeals to an emotion. It’s emotions that get people sharing, and help encourage people to act. Try and amaze people with your titles and make them funny, sad, shocking, irritating or just plain strange.

Think about exactly what it is your audience wants, and tap into that need in your title. Appeal to their inner desires with words that make them feel like they have a real need to read your article.

Avoid top 10 lists

There’s like a gazillion top 10 lists out there. It still surprises me when clients want top ten lists, because like chicken that’s been cooked for far too long, they are overdone. Try using different numbers such as four, seven, 11 or even 32. Plus I have heard whispers in the SEO world that multiples of five are a no go these days. Of course it’s not a sin to do the occasional top ten list, but don’t make a habit of it.

Solve fundamental problems

Sometimes people just want to be told what to do. They want a nice cushty title that makes them feel safe and secure. Any title that makes big promises to solve people’s problems and helps with everyday conundrums is going to convert. Make your audience feel like they will get something out of reading your article before they even click on the link.

Think how your audience thinks

Imagine yourself as one of your customers, or readers. Put yourself in their shoes. What words and phrases would they use to describe your article? Write titles that your audience can relate to by being super fussy over which words you choose. If you want to get an A+ for blog title writing, you could even browse social media sites and forums where your audience is active and see what language they are using.

Don’t live by strict title rules

Uh-oh, I’m getting a little bit controversial. There’s research to show that x character length blog titles get the most views, and that using percentages in titles increases conversion. I am not saying this research isn’t correct. Yes there is probably a formula for writing the perfect clickthrough friendly title, but that doesn’t mean it will be an interesting or inspiring title. Keep some of these things in mind, but don’t let it stifle your creativity. Write lists and how to titles because they work well, but also write non-formula influenced ones too.

Approach a common topics from a different angle

Try to go against the grain, and write a refreshingly unique title that puts things in a different perspective. It will have a better chance of getting noticed, and generating a debate. Don’t be afraid to use titles that test the boundaries a little (within reason).

Appeal to people’s senses

This isn’t possible with all articles, because it’s difficult to appeal to the sense when you are writing a title about marketing for example. However, if you can find a way to awaken people’s senses then you might just be onto a winner. If you are writing about food, make it the title sound mouth-wateringly good. If you are writing about travel, show what people might feel when they visit a place.

I hope you find blog title heaven by using some of my secret tips. Now go get ’em.

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