21 Things Non Dog People Don’t Understand

things non dog owners don't understand

Either you’re a dog person, or you’re not. People who have never owned or spent time with dogs are naturally very clueless about what it’s like to have a pooch in your life. They just don’t get it.

When it comes to canine related topics, you probably find yourself talking to a select number of friends, who understand the highs and lows of dog ownership (obvs way way more highs FYI).

It can be bloody frustrating when the subject of your dogs comes up, or your pooches get in the way of a social arrangement. Non dog people are just like, why would you give up your freedom, spend all that money and dedicate so much time to a dog?

Well, my dear friends, you will never really understand until you own one. Here’s some things non dog people just don’t understand.

1. That you have to plan things in advance.

2. That you are happy with the sacrifices of owning a dog, because it’s worth it.

3. That most dogs aren’t perfectly behaved.


4. That dogs make mess.

5. That you can’t just leave your dogs whenever.

6. That your dogs won’t ‘be fine’ if you leave them on their own for too long. It’s mean, plus, who knows what could happen.

7. Why you always want more dogs.

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8. That talking about your dog is the best subject in the world.

9. How wonderful it is to own a dog.

10. That it’s not easy to take your dog some places.

11. That your dog is a part of your family.


12. That you would sometimes rather spend an evening in with your dogs than go out and socialise.

13. That dogs fart, get over it.

14. That dogs need to celebrate their birthday too.

15. That it’s nearly impossible to get a dog to poop where and when you want it to, it happens when it happens.

16. That grieving for a dog takes time, and you can’t ‘just get over it and get a new one’.


17. That growing up around dogs actually boosts your immune system, and dogs are not filthy germ infested beasts.

18. That coming home to a doggy greeting beats anything else in the entire world.

19. That sharing pictures of your dog doing cute stuff is no different to doing the same with your kids.


20. That you would rather spend your money on your dog than material things.

21. That no matter what, your life just wouldn’t be complete without canine companionship.



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