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When you think of a private chef, you picture extravagance. Something that’s potentially out of reach for a lot of people. However, it is becoming popular as an alternative to dining out. Plus, it’s not as expensive as you might think, particularly when you factor in the cost of getting a taxi back after a boozy meal. 

The personal service and attention to detail you get is different from dining in a restaurant. Sitting down and being looked after by a private chef is an experience you must try at least once! If you’re thinking of trying it, go for it.

I’m fortunate enough to have experienced a private chef twice before. Once on my honeymoon and once on a travel writing trip. It really is an incredible experience and a special treat that takes any holiday to a new level. 

For us, it enabled us to have a date night without needing to get a babysitter for the kids. This is a game-changer! We put the girls to bed and waited nervously for them to settle whilst our chef, Marcus, prepared dinner. With a private chef, you don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning or making an effort to head out. Marcus came recommended by the place we were staying, Gladwyns Farm. The booking process was straightforward, and he was happy to accommodate our requests. 

Private chef experience in Suffolk – about Made By Marcus

private chef suffolk experience

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Marcus is an experienced Suffolk-based private chef specialising in homemade food and fresh local ingredients. He sources veg from local markets and knows all the best places to get top-notch meat. Marcus brings all his ingredients with him and takes care of everything, including washing up after. You discuss your food preferences with Marcus beforehand, and he creates a menu specially tailored to you. For example, I explained that my husband and I enjoy Italian food, and he threw in a local Umbrian dish. I was very impressed with the menu he came up with for us. 

I provide a personal and friendly experience, providing you with the perfect evening or event at your home or venue. I specialise in providing a personally designed dining experience.

Private Chef Menu

To start

Pheasant Goujons served with a lime and curry mayonnaise.


Umbrian Lamb shank served with olive oil and truffle potato.


Dark chocolate tart with cream

Upon arrival

Marcus showed up whilst we were attempting to get the kids to sleep, and he was brilliant. He said hello and then got to work in the kitchen. He had everything he needed in a large box and helped set the table. Once the little ones had settled, we joined him in the kitchen as he was preparing the food and got to know more about him and his cooking style. 

He was very friendly and easy to chat with, which is surprisingly important. When you hire a private chef, it’s an opportunity to speak to an expert. Part of the overall experience is getting to know your chef and learning a bit about their background and what they do. 


pheasant goujons private chef

When I saw pheasant goujons on the menu, I knew my husband would be pleased. He really enjoys game and doesn’t get many opportunities to try it. Pheasant is a brilliant alternative to bog standard chicken. It has less fat and more protein than chicken and turkey, and it offers a unique flavour. 

The goujons went perfectly with the zesty lime and curry mayonnaise. They had a light crumb and were very satisfying. This makes a great starter if you are hungry and prefer something a little more filling. We bought a Riesling white wine from Germany to pair with our starter, as this is what Marcus recommended. 


private chef suffolk lamb dish

private chef experience in suffolk

We don’t eat lamb a lot these days, but there’s definitely a time and a place for enjoying a good lamb joint. If you’re having a meal at a nice pub or the occasional Sunday roast, perhaps. I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to indulge in lamb at its finest, made by an expert. 

Our main dish was an Umbrian lamb shank with an olive oil and truffle potato. This is a dish Marcus had on a trip to Umbria, which he’s tweaked and made his own. 

The lamb was packed full of amazing aromas, and it had a melt in your mouth type texture. The meat just fell off the bone into a rich Italian tomato-based sauce made with olives. Who knew lamb would go so well with olives? 

The mashed potato Marcus made to go with it was the best I’ve ever tasted. Perhaps this is because I love olive oil, and it was whipped into a fine texture and made oh-so-smooth with lashings of decent quality extra virgin olive oil. And the added truffle took the flavour to the next level. Just wow. 

A good wine to enjoy with this dish is a Rioja, though we opted out as we didn’t want to drink too much wine!!


private chef sussex holiday homes chocolate tart

Marcus originally suggested a lemon tart served with sloe gin berries and cream. This dish goes really well with the rest of our menu. Lemon is also quite refreshing to finish your meal with. However, my husband and I aren’t really keen on lemon-based pudding, so I asked Marcus to come up with a chocolate-themed pudding instead. 

He suggested a dark chocolate tart with cream, and I was sold! This mouthwatering tart is so intense and satisfying. You don’t need a lot of it because the chocolate is so rich, but we somehow managed to get through two very large pieces. I had purchased a dessert wine specifically to enjoy with it, which was a good decision. The dessert wine was DV By Château Doisy-Védrines Sauternes. It’s a fresh, aromatic sweet wine with notes of pineapple, citrus and mango. 

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Marcus, who made our evening very special. The food was exceptional, and it’s an experience we will never forget. If you’re thinking of booking a private chef, go for it! It may seem like a bit of an extravagant treat, but it’s something you need to experience at least once! 

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