Tips For Choosing Your Bridesmaid Dresses

how to choose bridesmaid dresses

I have been searching for bridesmaid dresses for about three months now. I haven’t had much success, but I have discovered a thing or two. Personally, I think choosing your bridesmaid dresses is nearly as important as finding your wedding dress. Why? Because they define the look of the whole day.

I can’t start planning most other parts of my wedding until I have picked my bridesmaid dresses, which will determine our colour scheme. The other half wants to go suit shopping, but that’s on hold, because I haven’t decided what colour dresses I want.

They are also crucial because they help you to start imagining what your special day might look like. At the moment I can’t picture how things will look without knowing exactly what colours the girls will wear and what flowers they will need.

One thing I have noticed is the distinct lack of quality bridesmaid brands in the UK (that I’ve managed to find anyway). I’ve literally scoured every corner of the internet, tried searching for all types of dresses, and most websites don’t come close to what I’m after.

And no, I’m not a brideszilla, although I may be a tad indecisive. A lot of the big bridesmaid websites I have come across are really old fashioned, far too expensive or just plain tacky.

There’s definitely a gap in the market for more modern, fresh UK bridesmaid brands. Thankfully, I have come across two lovely UK sites/brands, and I think they may offer exactly the sort of dresses I’m picturing.

I’ve definitely picked up on a few things as I have been endlessly searching, and I want to share my thoughts and suggestions. So, without further ado, here are some top tips for choosing your bridesmaid dresses.

Think about your wedding and colour theme


I have found this so hard. I started out creating a Pinterest board full of winter wonderland type colours such as icy blues, silvers and greys. But I can’t seem to find dresses in these shades that I actually like. I think when it comes to colours, it’s best to have some colours in mind, but be flexible. You might end up loving a colour you hadn’t really considered.

After a few months of mulling things over, I have decided on another colour scheme that feels more ‘me’. Since narrowing things down it has been easier to pick out dresses and imagine what other aspects of my wedding might look like. Plus, when it comes to dress shopping I’ve got a few shades to play with.

Remember to keep your venue and theme in mind when looking for dresses. For example, I’m having a barn type wedding, so I want dresses that will suit this type of venue.

Consider the skin tone/shape of your maids

jenny packham wedding dress and bridesmaids

Some brides are just so cruel, they put their poor besties in dresses that just do nothing for them. It’s obviously hard to please everyone, especially if your maids are all different shapes, but you can at least find a dress that looks fairly nice on everyone.

Another option is to have your maids in different style dresses or try multiway options. I initially picked baby blue and then realised this colour doesn’t really suit any of the girls. It just completely washed them out ad didn’t flatter their skin tones.

What you have in your mind might not look great on your maids, so it’s good to be flexible. Being dead set on a specific style might mean you end up getting dresses that don’t really suit your maids. You want them to look at their best, and if that means changing things around a bit, so be it.

Decide on a budget and stick to it


It’s very tempting to spend way over your budget. That can be said for pretty much every aspect of your wedding. But when you’ve got three or more bridesmaids, it can really add up.

I’ve got six, so even if I just go over by £10 – £20, it makes a huge difference. Whilst it’s important to invest in quality dresses that will look classy, you don’t want to have to break the bank.

Too many chefs…

bridesmaid dress ideas white and pale pink I think this has been a problem for my entire wedding, not just the bridesmaids dresses. Try not to ask for too many different opinions, otherwise it will feel like you will never find the right dress.

Each maid will have something to say about a particular dress, and this can sometimes put you off dresses that you really like. It’s happened to me, I’ve gone off dresses I knew I loved just because of the odd comment. 

Pick one or two trusted maids who will voice their opinions, but not in an overbearing way. I’ve got six bridesmaids, so the chances are at least one or two won’t love what I choose. But you can’t please em all! If you’ve got super fussy bridesmaids, consider going for the same colour dress but in different styles. That way everyone can look their best.

I haven’t found my bridesmaid dresses yet, but I have got a few dresses in mind. At the end of the day, I’m going to go with something I adore (providing it looks lovely on the girls), and try not to let other people influence my decision too much.


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