12 Things That Go Through Your Mind Two Weeks Before Your Wedding

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It’s less than 15 days until I awkwardly stroll down the aisle and marry my prince charming. How is that possible? You spend the whole year before wanting your wedding to get closer, then when it comes around you’re like ‘hold up, this shizz is really happening.’

Last night was the first night I couldn’t sleep because of all the thoughts whizzing around in my head. When you’re planning a wedding they never stop. There’s always something to consider. Another extra bit of decor you need to get, something you need to tell the venue or a logistical conundrum.

I couldn’t get to sleep until around 2am last night. And so it begins. The final countdown, the home straight. The last few weeks where everything seems just a tad hectic and out of control. Here are 12 things that go through your mind a few weeks before your wedding.

Common worries and concerns you have before getting married

1. Will it all come together?

Will all the hard work pay off? You put sooooo¬†much time and effort into one day, so naturally, a few weeks before, you’re wondering if you can actually pull everything off. You might also be wondering whether everything will go to plan re-timings and the running of the day, but it’s best not to stress too much about these things. Get yourself as organised as possible and hopefully everything will fall into place.

2. Please oh god, don’t let me be ill

You’ll probs, like me, end up going to Boots or Holland & Barrett and stocking up on all the darn vitamins. Literally every single vitamin your body can absorb.

This is most likely not necessary, although a few extra vitamins to boost your immune system will certainly help keep you strong. I spent a few minutes today seriously considering whether a) I had overdosed on Vitamins, and b) whether in fact, it’s actually possible to overdose on Vitamin C.

Any inkling of a cold or illness and it’s really hard not to freak the hell out. #imustbehealthyformywedding

3. Have I remembered everyone?

We genuinely missed a few people off our list, because we both had different spreadsheets and they kinda got mixed up. Woaah that would have been pretty bad if we hadn’t realised. So now I’m super worried about missing anyone else out and trying to mentally picture everyone at our wedding. We didn’t get many rsvp’s so it’s not like we had a list of attendees to work with.

4. What if suppliers don’t turn up?

Arggh. Fingers crossed. You book all these people and then hope that they all come through on the big day. Thankfully we’ve got some fab suppliers so we should be all good. But yeah, you just wonder what if they can’t make it.

5. What if I fall over?

Sounds like something I would do. Completely stack it down the aisle. Yeah that wouldn’t be fun. *must concentrate hard* to *put one foot in front of the other*. It’s just walking, we do it every day, but why is this walk so, darn, terrifying!

6. When is a reasonable time to check the weather?

A straight forward answer is that it’s pretty pointless checking the weather until at least a week beforehand. But I’m oh so tempted to have a cheek look now. What if it says torrential rain?! Then what will I do? All I ask is just for a short rain-free window to take some pictures outside. Pretty please with a cherry on top.

7. I must be careful what I do from now on

No bungee jumping or skateboarding for me. Why? Because I want to look good on my wedding day. Soz, but everyone will be looking at me. So yeah, I’d like to feel my best. Which means not trying any new face creams or beauty products that could give me a rash or reaction, or injuring myself in any way. I’ve stopped doing sparring at Taekwondo which is probs sensible, coz I had a black eye for my wedding hair trial. Not ideal.

The good thoughts and feelings you experience two weeks before your wedding

8. I’m really lucky to be marrying this person

It’s uber important to remember this day is about you and your other half. We’ve been so caught up in the madness and mayhem of the last few weeks that’s we’ve forgotten why this wedding is actually happening. So we can be husband and wife. And I’m blessed to have found such a kindhearted guy who loves me for who I am (and I’m a bit of an oddball, so well done to him).

9. That feeling when you first see them will be amazeballs

Ohhhh I’m super excited about seeing him in his suit for the first time. He’s going to look so handsome, and I know exactly how he’s going to look at me and it will make me very, very emotional. Soz for the cheese but the love between us in that moment is going to be pretty damn strong. Thinking about it gives me all the feels.

10. How lovely it will be to have all your nearest and dearest around you

My hen do was epic, but aside from all the brilliant activities we did, the best bit about it was having all my closest friends celebrate with me in one place. And the wedding will no doubt be on another level. Everyone we care about in one room, there especially to celebrate our marriage. Perfect.

11. Excitement about what you’re suppliers will deliver

I can’t wait to see things like how the cake turns out, what the flowers look like and how the venues look all dressed up with decor. It will be so nice to see our vision come to life and hopefully all our guests will enjoy a cozy winter wedding :-) But yeah, a few weeks before you do wonder what the suppliers are going to come up with.

12. Imagining what the day will look like now all the pieces are in place

When I close my eyes at night and finally drift off to sleep, images whirl around my head of what everything might look like. Down to the bridesmaid’s outfits and how I will look in my dress. I’ve not seen my hair/makeup/dress all together so I’m excited to see how I scrub up!

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