I’m Searching For The Perfect Protein Brand

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Is there really such a thing? Aren’t they all the same? What is even in protein shakes anyway? Maybe you think they’re just a FAD, or spend far too long trying to decide which one to buy that you never order any like me.

Over the last few months, I’ve been determined to find my perfect protein match. I’m tired of drinking protein that makes me feel ‘meh’ and not really feeling confident that what I’m putting into my body is doing any good.

There are sooooo many protein brands out there. Like trillions (OK maybe not that many). It’s downright overwhelming. And, you have to not only pick a brand but decide between different types of protein. For me that was hurdle number one.

I’ve never really got on that well with whey protein. And isn’t it just like drinking dried milk anyways??? Not quite. It’s more that you would struggle to get the quantity of protein from just drinking milk. Protein powder collects it all in a nifty concentrated serving for you. I’m not protein expert, but I think that’s the gist of it.

What I look for in a protein brand

I’d also like to avoid whey protein for environmental purposes. As if all that milk and butter and cheese that we produce doesn’t cause enough damage. I’d just rather get my protein from a plant source. I’m not vegan or anything. And, as I said, whey protein tends to upset my tum a little.

Some of the major protein brands have so much crap in them. Flavourings, colourings, sugar, artificial sweetener – the list goes on. I’m looking for a clean brand. One that uses beneficial ingredients and zero rubbish.

I think I’ve tried around maybe ten different types of protein already. Some have been too sweet, have no flavour, don’t mix well or make me feel a bit sick. And others, well, it’s surprising how bad companies are able to make their product taste. Some taste so bad you can’t even get past one sip.

Macho protein brands are a turn-off

I don’t know why but I seem to veer towards protein brands aimed at women. I think it’s because lots of brands go for such macho branding that it puts me off. Some brands have names that are enough to repel me right away. Maximuscle. Muscle Milk (eeww). Super Pump Max (LOL). Big Flex (I mean, come onnnn). The industry is geared massively towards enormous beefy men trying to get big.

It’s refreshing to see a brand targeting women in a positive way. I have to say, I do like That Protein – especially their raw cacao brown rice protein. But it’s far too expensive. You pay like £13 for a small pouch. Such as shame because I love that they taste really raw and naturally with no nasties. 

Free Soul

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Then I came across Free Soul Protein. Firstly, I love the branding. It’s spot on. And no, I don’t just like it because it’s baby pink. The products arrived in a branded box and I was excited to use them. I definitely appreciated the pretty leafy pattern design on their packs of tea.

So that’s one thing they’ve done right, the branding. A good start. Secondly, their customer service is fab. Ask them a question on Instagram, they’ll get back to you with enthusiasm. Post their products on social media, and they’ll leave a personal comment. I like the way they conduct their ‘brand personality.’

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And then there’s the taste. They sent me their vanilla flavour vegan protein to try. Now I’ve tried a few vegan proteins and in most cases they taste a bit like mouthwash, or worse. It’s as though the industry has struggled to make vegan protein such as pea and hemp actually taste palatable. But Free Soul have nailed it. Their vanilla flavour tastes great, mixes well and doesn’t clump up. I think I might be onto a winner. For those who are mad for whey they also do a whey protein as well.

I’ve been using it a few weeks now and haven’t had any digestive issues. I want to use it for a few months to see how it impacts my training and physique. As it’s hard to see an impact right away. Another nifty thing about this protein is it has got ingredients in it that are specifically beneficial for women. So as well as upping your protein intake, you’re getting some added goodness.

Blended with key nutrients, vitamins and minerals to support hormone balance, mood and energy.

Their words not mine. I’ve also been sampling their herbal teas. They do a morning blend and a sleep blend. It’s nice to have the zesty refreshing morning tea to wake me up a little when I need to crack on with work. And you can’t beat a soothing herbal tea at night time just before you go off to bed. Bliss.

sleep night time evening tea

So yeah, so far, so good. I’d defo recommend visiting their website https://herfreesoul.com/ and trying some of their products. Go on, have a little look, you might be pleasantly surprised. They haven’t paid me to write this post, I’ve just, ya know, been given some goodies to try and I felt the need to shout about them. Because *fingers crossed* I’ve finally found a protein brand I like and can use on a regular basis. I’m basically #winning at life. 


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