Here’s Why You Absolutely Need To Give Life Coaching A Go

Here’s Why You Absolutely Need To Give Life Coaching A Go

When I first started life coaching I had no idea just how much it would propel me towards my dreams. I can’t recommend it enough.

This morning I was reflecting on some of the things I’ve achieved since I began coaching. The changes to my business and career are HUGE. I’ve probably trippled my turnover. But more importantly, I’ve figured out ways to make my life easier and have an amazing work life balance.

On a personal level, I’ve been working through some issues such as anxiety, self-doubt, stress, huge life events and mental health struggles. Life coaching has benefited me on both a personal and professional level.

It doesn’t provide a simple solution to anything, you have to do all the hard work for yourself. You can’t expect your coach to make changes for you, you have to be the facilitator and work through some serious crap in order to get where you want to be.

My journey hasn’t been easy. Changing your mindset doesn’t happen overnight. It has taken years of blood, sweat and (many) tears. And I’m still not quite where I want to be in terms of the way I think and deal with things, but I’ve improved sooo much.

Because life coaching has been such a game changer for me, and a few other people I know who have also worked with the same coach, I’d like to share a few insights. And maybe after reading this, you’ll be open to the idea of trying it.

What is life coaching?

To me life coaching is having someone there on your journey to help you to realise different ways of thinking and plan towards your ideal future. You need to be open to changing your mindset and trying new approaches to things in order to get more favourable results and live your best life.

Life Coaching is helping people to find and to fill the gaps between where they are and where they want to be…

A life coach is someone that helps people to raise their awareness of their inner potential they already have and fearlessly use it on purpose…

Life coaching quote by coach Antonio Esposito, The Thinking Mind

How does it benefit you?

Well it depends really on what you want to get out of it. Whether you want to become an entrepreneur, lose five stone, have a family or sort out your finances – life coaching can help you get there. But as I said earlier, it’s you, not the coach that has to put in the work to get there. And to reach your goals you have to go through pain, difficulty and tough mental barriers. Life coaching has many benefits. It can help you to change things in your life, whether that’s your mindset, your career or the way you react to other people. The benefits vary depending on your needs, wants and desires.

How is it different to counselling?

It’s sooo different. Believe me. I’ve had both for many years. I’m not going to deny counselling has helped me in some ways, but personally, it’s not always as proactive as I’d like it to be. I’m not an expert, this is just my experience. I find when I go it’s more of a chat and a chance to vent my feelings and worries. But with coaching I always come out of each session with action points, feeling motivated to continue to improve my life. It’s much more structured and motivational.

Who is it for?

Anyone. Well, I say anyone, when really I mean anyone with the right mindset. If you’re comfortable with the way your life is and the struggle isn’t bad enough to do anything, you won’t have the motivation to change.

Life coaching can help you to work towards all sorts of goals. It has really worked for me in terms of taking my business to the next level and achieving things I never imagined possible. Weight loss, work, relationships, wellbeing – it helps with all the above. To start coaching you just need a goal or a vision in mind, and to want to make big changes in your life to get there.

How to pick the right life coach

This is so important. You wouldn’t pick an old counsellor would you? Or choose any old accountant to work with. It’s crucial to find a coach you can connect with and begin to trust. Check their qualifications and what they specialise in. It’s always worth asking to have an initial chat to figure out if you’re a good fit on both sides. My coach Antonio Esposito offers a free one hour coaching conversation.

My personal opinion is that he’s an absolute genius. Watch this space because you’ll be hearing his name. He’s so supportive and provides a comprehensive service. Try a one-hour session with him and you’ll see what I mean.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on life coaching and how it’s helped you. If you’ve experienced it feel free to share what you’ve got out of it in the comment section below.


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