5 Absolutely Gorgeous Romantic Wedding Hairstyles

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I was lucky enough to be a hair and makeup model for some very talented wedding hairstylists and makeup artists. My bridesmaid and I spent the day being pampered by a very passionate and professional team. We had the best time and it’s an experience we will remember for a long time.

When you’re a makeup or hair model, you are basically a blank slate for people to work their magic on. They can try out different styles and experiment with new and upcoming looks.

We both had our hair done by Kasia Fortunia. She somehow managed to produce the most beautiful hairstyles within minutes, working her magic hands around our long locks. She’s got such a talent for creating stand out styles that are very wearable and wonderfully feminine.

I had my makeup done by Kristina Gasperas and my friend had her makeup done by Ausra Ruksene. The shots were taken by Kristina, who takes amazing portraits and beauty images. She just knows how to photograph you in the most flattering way, and she made us both feel really comfortable behind the camera.

If you are looking for wedding hair inspiration, and want something classy, feminine and romantic, then check out some of the looks below. We tried lots of lovely hairstyles, from neat buns to messy up dos and ethereal braids. Take a look at some of my favourites looks from the shoot below.

  1. The princess plait – for rustic fairytale weddings

wedding hair bridal plait fishtail braid

wedding hair bridal plait fishtail braid

I ended up wandering round Richmond park in a white dress with my hair in this stunning fishtail plait, and I have never felt more like a fairytale princess. Your hair can really change how you feel, and this hairstyle really made me feel super feminine, elegant and special.

If you’re getting married in a forest in a boho style dress then this is most definitely the look for you. The little hair jewels really complete this style and make it even more magical.

2. The messy up do – for chic laid-back romantic weddings

bridal wedding hair updo loose low bun hair piece

If you fancy a nice sophisticated updo, or want to have your hair up to showcase a feature on your dress, this messy updo is the perfect option. It’s ideal for ladies who don’t suit the more severe, sleek look (see below), and prefer a more relaxed hairstyle that still looks classy and gorgeous. I just love how the hair pulled out at the top and the loose bun gives such a cool look.

3. The romantic updo with statement headpiece – for a modern stylish romantic wedding

wedding hair kelly spence hair piece low chignon loose bun kelly spence hair piece updo

Now this is a Pinterest worthy hairstyle. This adorable midsummer crescent comb is a beautifully delicate statement hairpiece by Kelly Spence Bridal Accessory design. It perfectly compliments this pretty twisted hairstyle.

I love how this particular style shows off the mix of different colours in the hair, and the rose gold colour of the hair piece contrasts against the gold shades in my hair. The style to me looks like a refreshing twist on a classic chignon bun.

4. The classic sleek bun – for fashionista brides

neat sleek bun up do wedding hair ideas

This style actually wasn’t meant to be a bridal hairstyle, it was created in order to achieve a more high fashion look, but I think it could work really well for certain brides.

If you are wearing a dress with a high neckline this hairstyle would look amazing. It’s also ideal if you are going for a really glam, chic look. It’s so simple yet makes such an impact.

5. The pretty bun + hairpiece – for the belle of the ball

low neat bridal bun wedding hair with hairpeace kelly spence

kelly spence hair piece low bun wedding hair ideas

Personally, I think this bun would look good with a classic ball gown type dress, or perhaps a dress that’s got quite a lot of detail. It’s a fairly simple hairstyle, which means it will compliment most styles of wedding. The hairpiece is very elegant and really makes the bun pop.

So which hairstyle will you pick for your wedding? I hope you have got some useful hair ideas for your upcoming wedding. I’m not a hair expert, this is just how I have interpreted these looks. If you want to discuss any of the looks above, contact the lovely and super talented Kasia Fortunia. 

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