Balayage ‘Bronde’ Hair At Home

balayage bronde hair highlights

So over the last couple of years I have changed my hair colour a lot. When I was a little girl I was bright blonde. As I got older it faded a little and I ended up having to have highlights to lighten it a little. I have always been blonde, but lately I have been more experimental with my hair colour.

When you have the same hair for 25 years it’s refreshing to have a change. In the last two years I have had red, auburn, dip dye, brown and almost black hair. It’s fair to say I have had a few hair disasters along the way, but now I have a really good idea of what sort of shades suit me.

My latest experiement is perhaps my favourite colour so far, aside from bright blonde. I wanted to go for something very natural but still wanted to have some blonde in my hair. I have done dip dye, and that trend has now been and gone.

The next big thing in hair is ‘Balayage’. It’s a huge 2015 hair colour trend that everyone is going crazy for. It’s far more subtle that dip dye. Also sometimes called ‘Babylights’, Balayage creates a more natural, sun kissed look. It’s supposed to look as if you have just come back from holiday and the sun has lightened your hair with beautiful highlights.

Before trying this look my hair was a warm brown colour. By adding some blonde bablights, my hair now qualifies as ‘Bronde’ (another big 2015 hair trend apparently). I made a Pinterest board that consisted of lots of different examples and some celebrity hair I love at the moment. I wanted to go for a similar colour to Amber Heard, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lawrence (light brown to dark blonde hair with gentle highlights on the lower section of hair).

To create this look I enlisted the help of my friend, who has actually has some training as a hairstylist. So even though I had the balls to try this at home, I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you have some help from a professional hairstylist. This is my disclaimer, I am simply showing you how I did my hair. I do not recommend you copy what I did because I am not an expert, and your hair could turn out differently. If you choose to copy this technique I cannot guarantee the results. The best thing to do is go to a salon and get it done.

I have to say well done to my friend, she did an excellent job with the colour (and she cut my hair too). I am soooo pleased with the results.

Here is my before picture.

How we did it:

  • I bought a home hair dye kit. I used L’oreal Glam Highlights Glam Bronde.

  • Separate hair into sections.

  • Twist each section and clip in place.

  • Add hair dye to the outer parts of the twists only, don’t rub in the dye. The middle section of the twist shouldn’t have any dye on it.

  • Start fairly high up your hair but don’t go right to the top (you need to decide where you want the highlights to start).

  • Leave on for recommended time.

  • Wash out. The twists create lovely natural highlights.

After pictures:

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