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Why We’ve Chosen Puglia, Italy As Our Honeymoon Destination


Your honeymoon is supposed to be the ultimate holiday. There’s all these expectations to go somewhere exotic, outdo your friends and stay in ridiculously expensive hotels. Of course, if that’s right up your street, great. But what if your honeymoon aspirations are a little different to the norm?

I’d say the majority of my married friends have done the classic one-week plush beach resort hotel and one week adventure somewhere. Let’s say the Maldives and Sri Lanka for example. Whilst we considered this sort of holiday as well as going on a safari and travelling through the West coast of America or seeing wildlife in Canada – none of the ideas actually stuck.

Firstly because they’re all super expensive holidays. And secondly, because I think we knew deep down where we wanted to go. Somewhere we knew we’d enjoy. Of all the holidays to take a big risk on, I’d say your honeymoon is not one of them. Just go somewhere you know you’ll like. How heartbreaking would it be if you went somewhere and it just didn’t live up to expectations, or worse, you don’t like it and have a rubbish time?

There are two things we know we like when we travel as a couple. Food and wine. Yup, as simple as it sounds we’re driven by yummy cuisine, because eating mouthwatering food is what we love to do. We’re also a fan of European destinations like France, Italy, Austria, Spain and Croatia. Probably one of our best holidays was in Tuscany, Italy.

I like to go to pretty places, and some of the destinations I’ve been to outside of Europe haven’t quite hit the prettiness quota in my opinion (apart from you Dom Rep, you were pristine). I know the Amalfi coast is sooo #instaworthy and all the rage at the moment, but yeah, that actually puts me off going. I really don’t like to just copy everyone else and flock to the latest ‘fashionable’ destination.

In my eyes, Puglia hasn’t quite got the recognition it deserves. Have a cheeky Google and look at pictures of the region located in Italy’s boot, and you’ll see what I mean.

matera puglia pic Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 14.08.31 holidays-970731_1920 puglia trulli picture

White cliffs overlooking crystalline seas, quaint towns on hilltops and medieval looking villages packed with character. There are magical towns where the buildings are entirely white and across the region you’ll find adorable Trulli houses. Yes, from what I can see, Puglia is a little slice of heaven.

puglia picture coastline cliffs

In fact, this region is filled with some many desirable spots and cool places to stay, it took us aggggesss to decide on our route. But after a lot of research, we’ve settled on some towns and villages that we feel meet our requirements, and look dreamy of course.

We land in Bari, we’ll then drive to Fasano where we’re staying for one night. Then we’re off to Alberobello for two nights, Matera for one night, Trani for three nights and lastly, Monopli for four nights. Here’s our route…

route around puglia where to visit

I’ve managed to arrange a stay at a stunning Masseria in Fasano – Masseria San Francesco.

A place where there is only the warmth of the earth, the whiteness of the lime and the embrace of the sky with the ancient olive trees that dominate the scenery.

The white stylish rooms look absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to take a dip in the beautiful natural looking pool nestled amongst the rocks. And don’t even get me started on how delicious the breakfast looks.

masseria san Francesco Puglia Fasano Italy hotel with pool breakfast masseria san Francesco Puglia Fasano Italy luxury hotel masseria san Francesco Puglia Fasano Italy hotel with pool breakfast

I’ll share info on all the places we stay at during our trip when we get back. I’m excited to write about my thoughts on Puglia as a travel destination and share the memories of our honeymoon with you.