I’ve Got The Travel Bug Again – My Current Travel Aspirations

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I know that most people end up booking their holidays in January, when they can’t face the New Year and need something to cheer them up. But for me, the travel itch tends to set in right about now. Spring time. When the sun first starts to come out properly and remind you that there are places in the world where it’s bright and sunny and wonderful.

I wish I could book myself a ticket somewhere right now. Just book the first destination that pops into my mind. I nearly ended up going to Bali last year, and now I feel like the universe is rubbing it in. I keep seeing Bali pop up in Instagram posts, on my Facebook feed, and when I’m doing travel research for articles. Perhaps it’s because it’s been named the world’s best tourist destination.

Another reason I’ve got travel on my mind is because I’m getting married in December, and it’s time to start planning the most important part, where to go on our honeymoon! It’s meant to be your all time favourite holiday where you get to visit destinations from your dreams.

Your honeymoon is the one time you get say screw it, I’m going all out. 

But that makes it so hard, how do you plan the trip of a lifetime when there’s far too many amazing places to choose from? We’re currently considering a US road trip, some kind of Safari and going somewhere where we can get a slice of paradise. Though I’m not up for sitting on a beach all week and not leaving a five star hotel, I want to create incredible memories that we will treasure forever. 

Last summer I went to the Dominican Republic, and I’m desperate to go back, or better still, explore another Caribbean Island. I had such an epic time with my friend Hannah, we did so much cool stuff from zip lining in the jungle and diving into a blue hole within a cave, to drinking rum on a catamaran and visiting idyllic islands. #takemebacknow

The downside of planning for a wedding is that I have to save for a wedding. Ergo I’ve got no £££ to fund my intense need to jet off somewhere awesome. Although I am hoping to maybe squeeze in a couple of trips to Europe. My sister told me the other day that as a belated 30th birthday celebration she’d like to go to this place in Belgium where all the bluebells come out in their masses. That sounds perfect.

Every spring, the Hallerbos forest in Belgium transforms into a fairytale scene. The forest floor is covered with a sea of beautiful bluebells.

I bloody love bluebells, and apparently, our father used to as well, so I’m going to do my best to try and make this trip happen, at some point in my lifetime at least. Belgium is only about an hour from Calais so it’s super easy to get to, now all I have to do is book the ferry or Eurostar.

My fiance and I are also flying out to a historic olive estate in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains in Pollenca, Mallorca. We’re heading there for a wedding where I get to be a bridesmaid in a rather gorgeous setting. I can’t wait!

We usually go on one summer holiday every year, but as I mentioned earlier, sadly it’s not on the cards this year as we have to save every penny. But ideally we would head somewhere for an active beach holiday.

We may settle for a UK break somewhere and go to Cornwall or something with the pooches. Either way I hope it’s a good summer over here so that I can at least enjoy a bit of sunshine back home.

To be fair, we did go for a rather incredible Christmas road trip in December to Germany and Austria, read all about it here. We went to the Christmas markets in Cologne and Nuremberg, and then stayed in the mountains not too far from Salzburg. Perhaps next Christmas we can try out Vienna?

I’m hoping at some point in the next couple of years I will get the chance to go back to Singapore where my friend lives. To visit her for a week or so, but also so that I can hop across to other cool places in Asia, like Bali, Thailand and Cambodia.
So that’s it for now. I’m not asking for much right? Who knows what 2017 will bring. It’s an exciting year for me for lots of different reasons. I just hope I get to broaden my travel horizons. We shall see!