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Our Upcoming Minimoon in Lucerne, Switzerland



We’ve finally decided where to go on our minimoon. First we were thinking France, then Austria, then Germany and we even considered going in search of the Northern lights in Norway. But fate has sent us elsewhere. We are actually off to Switzerland!!! I mean, what better place to have a luxurious winter minimoon?

We wanted a beautiful alpine/snowy location, but with plenty to do. It was super hard to decide between a city break in somewhere like Tallinn (a magical medieval city) and a wilderness exploration in the alps. What’s handy about Lucerne (or Luzern) is that it kind of combines the two. You get to enjoy a city with plenty to see and do and an excellent culinary scene with nearby mountain explorations.

I’m hoping it snows while we are there because the city looks absolutely stunning covered in a blanket of white powder. I think my fiance and I have a soft spot for medieval towns packed with loads of character (rather than enormous modern cities packed with skyscrapers). There’s just something so captivating about old walled towns. Perhaps we enjoy them so much as they transport us to a time in the past where people didn’t worry about checking their smartphones every two minutes and snapping pictures constantly.

Where we’re staying in Lucerne

I’ve no doubt that we’re going to adore Lucerne. Perhaps the thing I’m most looking forward to is the hotel we’re staying in. We spent ages searching for a hotel in Lucerne that felt special enough, and we finally settled on the Hotel de Balances, which is ideally located right in the centre of the charming old town.

As a couple, we’ve never really stayed anywhere super luxurious. And what better time to splash out a little than on our minimoon? Thankfully, the hotel have given us a fantastic deal for their romantic riverview whirlpool room. And it looks epic.

There’s a whirlpool bath with a view of the river, an enormous comfy bed, a balcony overlooking the water, and of course, rose petals scattered all over the room, obviously. Plus, a partially open bathroom. There’s just something rather fancy about having a bath in the bedroom isn’t there – especially when you’re on a romantic break. Hello champagne in the bath.

It’s got a 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor and 9.1 on – but I’d advise you to contact the hotel directly for the best rates. I can’t wait to have breakfast looking out over the river and try out their restaurant. But mostly I want to experience pure luxury in the room. I mean, just look at how plush this room looks…

balances hotel des balances lucerne romantic suite whirlpool bath hotel des balances lucerne balcony room over river view Hotel des balances lucerne switzerland hotel des balances lucerne romantic suite whirlpool bath hotel des balances lucerne romantic suite whirlpool bath hotel des balances lucerne romantic suite whirlpool bath

Our Lucerne to do list

This Mount Pilatus train takes you right to the top of the mountains where you can wander around and take in the 260 degree alpine views. However, it’s closed in December and you can only access the mountain by gondola at this time. There’s also Mount Rigi’, which can also be reached by cogwheel train, and is apparently open 365 days a year.

There’s a bridge (Chapel Bridge) that runs across the river which really stands out and reminds me of the olden days. It looks like a scene you might come across in game of Thrones. After all, the city is renowned for its medieval architecture. I will defo be snapping some Insta-worthy shots on this pretty bridge.

DesBalances_Impressionen_Luzern07 DesBalances_Impressionen_Luzern06

Lucerne Old Town is an absolute must visit, which is why it’s handy we’re staying right in the centre. We can get a good feel for the more rustic, authentic part of the town. There are plenty of beautiful buildings, historic homes and churches to admire, as well as a collection of quaint cafes and restaurants.

The Dying Lion of Lucerne Monument won a 2017 Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice Award. To me it just looks like a statue that’s worth taking a picture of, but I suspect there’s a lot more to it than that. Apparently, it’s a tribute to the bravery of the Swiss guards during the French Revolution. A lot of the reviews say it’s quite a moving experience once you learn about the history.

The Nine Towers also looks pretty cool. Four of the nine towers are open to the public. You can climb up them and gaze out at the city. The Glacier Garden is one of the oldest attractions in Switzerland, and the glacier potholes date back to the ice age. I’d like to check out the gardens and wander through the mirror maze.

I always recommend going on cycling tours of city, as it’s usually the quickest and easiest way to see all the main attractions. However, as we’re going in December this may be weather dependant! If we can’t go on a cycling tour then we’ll definitely book a walking tour.

Other things I really want to do include stopping by the Grand Casino, mainly so I can get all dressed up. And as we’re on our minimoon, some pampering is essential, so I’m keen to find a nice spa. The best one I can find at the moment seems to be the spa on Rigi Kaltbad, where you can swim in a mineral pool overlooking the mountains. We will also probably do a spot of shopping in Kornmarkt and stop by Hofkirche, a rather beautiful Roman Catholic Church.

gastronomie-terrasse-1 zimmer-aussicht-1 DesBalances_Impressionen_Luzern01 DesBalances_Aussenaufnahmen_0006

This city looks unbelievably photogenic. I can’t wait to start snapping away with my iPhone and capture everything from the detail in the buildings and the awesome bridges to the jaw-dropping alpine views from the top of mountain peaks. It took us a long time to find the perfect minimoon location, and I’m pretty confident Lucerne will live up to my expectations.

We’ve got under two months until the wedding now, and we jet off a few weeks after. So really, there’s not that long to wait at all! Let the minimoon adventures begin!