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Our Little Sussex Getaway In A Shepherd’s Hut

shepherd's hut with hot tub sauna pool sussex countryside


You know when everything gets just a little bit too hectic, and you find yourself pining for an escape? That’s how we felt. My fiance and I had been spending plenty of time together, but we weren’t really doing anything. We’re saving for a wedding, so our activities have been sorta limited. So we decided on a whim to book one night to ourselves. And it was just what we needed.

Sometimes you gotta just treat yourself a little. It’s so important to make time for each other as a couple. And no, before you ask, sitting on the sofa for hours on end binging on the latest TV series does not count. It seems like all we’ve been doing lately. TBH I’m a little done with Netflix and chill. I’ve maxed it out too much, like when you eat too much of your favourite food and you get bored of it.

We were heading down to Brighton for our engagement shoot with our wedding photographer Kristida Photography (photos coming soon hopefully!), and so we booked somewhere to stay the night before so we could enjoy the experience even more.

We found a lovely little Shepherd’s hut on Airbnb right in the middle of the Sussex countryside (Upper Beeding to be precise), and guess what, it has got a hot tub! #winning. When we got there we also realised there was a sauna and a cold plunge pool, so it was a bit like going to a spa hotel (except you swap a hotel room for a Shepherd’s Hut obvs).

When we arrived we met the lady who owned the property and her two dogs. A Beagle and an adorable crossbreed. I feel at home as soon as I’m anywhere with dogs, so I was happy to be greeted by these two.

The grounds

The first thing that struck me about the property was the far reaching views of the countryside, and the quirky unique design of the adorable little hut that we were staying in.

We had access to the large garden, which was fully enclosed so we could let the pooches (we brought our huskies with us) run around freely which was handy. Although there were some cockerels which I had to keep the dogs away from, luckily they were securely fenced in.

Unfortunately, it was raining, it had been all day. I was hoping for a sunny afternoon and beautiful sunset but it wasn’t to be. But we still managed to enjoy the hot tub, even in the rain. It’s actually quite refreshing because you’re nice and warm and toasty but you get little droplets of rain cooling you off.

We really enjoyed going in the sauna until we couldn’t stand it any longer then jumping in the freezing cold pool. It was so refreshing and we felt so relaxed afterwards.

hot tub west sussex countryside near steyning room with pool west sussex room with sauna sussex hot tub with views countryside west sussex

The hut

OK so the hut was a tad smaller than expected. With the two of us and both dogs it was more than a little squashed, but just about manageable. The bed was comfy but a little too small for us, I felt a bit squashed, and Will just about managed to stretch his legs out.

However, it was incredibly cosy and relaxing, and the hut was surprisingly well stocked considering it was so small. Oh and the toilet and bathroom is in the main house, you have to leave the hut and walk across the garden to get to it. It wasn’t a problem, only when I needed a wee in the middle of the night!

shepherd's hut with hot tub sauna pool sussex countryside shepherd's hut with hot tub sauna pool sussex countryside near steyning, upper beeding

Would I recommend?

Yes definitely, as long as you don’t mind staying in a basic room to enjoy sweeping views and access to a sauna, hot tub and pool. I’m not sure we could have stayed more than a couple of nights as it was a bit too small for us. But it’s perfect for an overnight getaway and all in all a wonderfully unique and unusual place to stay.

If you want to check it out, click here to see pictures of the inside on the Airbnb website.