My 7 Favourite Moments From Our Road Trip To Germany & Austria

driving through austria snow mountains

I knew this trip was going to be pretty special, but what I didn’t know was how many wonderful moments we would have. The kind of moments that stay with you for a very long time. 

I think what made this trip one-of-a-kind for us, was the fact that we were able to take our huskies with us, and it was our first Christmas abroad, away from home.  It was like a big family adventure.

It’s difficult to choose my top seven moments, but somehow I have managed to whittle them down. Here are my top moments from our road trip through Germany and Austria.

  1. When it snowed in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

rothenburg der tauber travel photo germany road trip

Rothenburg der Tauber is honestly unlike anywhere I have ever been. It’s what you would imagine a toy town would look like, with colourful wooden buildings and a fairytale atmosphere.

This town was magical enough, but it got even more impressive when it started to snow. We were so excited, and seeing the town dusted in small snowflakes created a really special moment for us. We also managed to get up early and see the sunrise from outside the majestic city walls, it was so bloomin pretty.

  1. When we first set foot in the Cologne Christmas markets


Before we went, I kept picturing what the Christmas markets would look like. I was blown away when I stepped off the tram in Cologne and walked into a real life winter wonderland.

Starry lights lined the trees, festive music played, stalls with comforting treats stood before us, and the atmosphere was electric. If you want to feel ridiculously festive, the Cologne Christmas markets won’t fail to impress you.

  1. When the dogs were playing in the snow

huskies playing in the snow in austria

They literally went mental. It was like they found a new toy to play with. Our young husky kept digging his head through the snow and rolling around. And our husky collie is blind, so it was wonderful to see her engaging her other senses and enjoying the feel of the snow on her paws. Watching them play together in the snow outside our apartment near the mountains is a memory I will always cherish.

  1. The view from above of Salzburg city

view of salzburg city from above

We had been roaming around Salzburg for quite a long time before we decided to walk up towards the castle. I was feeling less than enthusiastic about climbing the steps, but as soon as we got to the top I knew it was worth it.

I really love getting up to the highest point possible in each city I visit, because that’s where you can properly take everything in, and appreciate the true appeal of a destination. Salzburg’s unusual buildings peeked above the city streets, and you could see snowy hills out in the distance.

  1. Climbing a mountain to find the snow on Christmas day

huskies in the woods snow austria

When we arrived in Salzburg, there was a lot of snow on the ground, but it didn’t snow. We got to enjoy the snow for a few days, but unfortunately on Christmas eve it rained and a lot of the snow washed away. Although it was nice to see the bright green pastures, I couldn’t help feeling disappointed. We had come a long way in search of snow, and hadn’t quite got what we hoped for.

But, on Christmas day we woke up and noticed that although it wasn’t snowing lower down, we could see a line where the snow started half way up the mountains.

So we embarked on a mission to have a white Christmas. We nearly gave up, but on the last little climb we found a clearing where it was snowing! Hurrah! We filmed a little video for our families and enjoyed some wonderful moments taking in our newly snow filled surroundings.

  1. Relaxing in an outdoor spa pool with a view of the mountains

austria mountains snow christmas apartment

Going in a nice warm outdoor pool in a spa always feels fantastic. I love feel of the cool icy air hitting your face, whilst the rest of your body is soaking in the lovely warm water.

In Austria we visited a spa which had an outdoor spa with a view of the surrounding mountains. There is literally nothing more relaxing. We went there in the evening and could see the blanket of snow just metres from us. Pure bliss.

  1. Our dinner out on Christmas day



Having never spent Christmas anywhere but my mum’s house, I had no idea what to expect being abroad. We made a last minute Christmas day booking at a restaurant that the owner of our apartments recommended.

We ended up going down this snowy road, terrified of veering off the road. It seemed to head to absolutely nowhere, but eventually we found what looked like a wooden ski chalet. We stepped inside and it was so busy, warm and cosy.

Austrian waitresses dressed in lederhosen served us and the atmosphere was brilliant. The restaurant was decorated with festive accessories such as reindeer and even santa dolls, and it was snowing outside. And to top it off, our meal was delicious. I had beef in a yummy gravy type sauce and Will had game goulash and dumplings.
So as you can see, we had a pretty good time. If you want to witness what we got up to, check out the video of our trip (although I should warn you, it’s pretty long).