Why Learning Our First Dance Was Probably Our Fave Part Of Wedding Planning


When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else wants. People are involved in a lot of your decisions and things can get a little manic. If you book wedding dance lessons, you can get away from the madness for an hour or so, and just be with your partner.

You get some time with just the two of you, and your dance teacher of course. It was our favourite thing about wedding planning. We looked forward to our dance lessons so much. And no matter how stressed I was before turning up for our lesson, I always felt better afterwards. There’s just something about swaying and being held by someone that’s so uplifting and freeing.


We booked six dance lessons at Caterham Dance School. It’s a lovely dance school tucked away on Caterham high street. They’ve got a huge dance studio, so there’s plenty of space to strut your stuff. Our dance teacher was Alfie and he was awesome. He made us feel so comfortable and taught us the perfect routine.


My husband was possibly more into the dancing than I was. I think a lot of men must go along to wedding dance lessons and end up being surprised by how much they enjoy dancing.

It’s nice to have a goal and something to work towards. And when wedding planning pulls you apart and puts pressure on you as a couple, the dancing brings you back together.

And it’s not just the lessons before the wedding that are special. These will obviously be a wonderful memory that we will always look back on. But after the wedding watching your first dance back on video brings you so much joy. I’ve probably watched ours about 100 times already. And yeah, we’re not exactly ready to enter Strictly Come Dancing, but we managed to do the routine Alfie gave us.

There was only one hiccup where my dress got a bit caught and I had to reposition it before continuing. I didn’t have one of those hooks on my dress where you can tie it up for the dance, so I found it a bit difficult constantly treading on my gown. I love the song we chose so much. It took us soooo long to choose one because nothing felt quite right.

We tried from the start to find a Kings of Leon song that would work because we listened to their album when we first met. I just love the lead singer’s voice and the guitar in the background. After searching through their albums we eventually came across ‘Beautiful War’, which summed up our relationship perfectly. We’ve been through some tough times together, and yeah, we argue like hell sometimes, but we always come out stronger.

How can you truly appreciate someone unless you’ve had a few challenges? I didn’t want a super mushy, cheesy song, because I’m not very good with public displays of affection and I get super awkward, so this song suited me just fine. We’ve not had our professional wedding pictures back yet from our photographer, so I’ve just got a couple of pics from the wedding for now.

first dance lessons

wedding first dance lessons

We’re 100% going to go back to Caterham Dance school to join in some group lessons. We want to continue our dancing journey and take the opportunity to spend more time together. Because when you’re dancing just the two of you, you get to spend quality moments and grow as a couple.

Check out our first dance video below and get in touch with Caterham Dance School if you live in the Surrey area. Thanks so much to Alfie who made our dance lessons so enjoyable. We will be back!!!