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Recapturing The Moment I said ‘Yes’ – Our Engagement Shoot at Brighton Marina Beach

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Our engagement pictures have arrived, and, well, they’re pretty amazing. I had an inkling Kristida would produce images like this. We chose her as our photographer because of her elegant, romantic style and natural ability to capture sweet and genuine moments.

Plus, I love her creative, artistic flair. To me, her pictures are different from all the rest because they tell a story from unusual and interesting angles and perspectives.

I didn’t want overly cheesy photos, because they are super cringeworthy. What I wanted was someone to recapture that moment we had on the beach in a creative way, and that’s what she’s managed to do.

You can read about exactly how Will proposed to me here.  In a nutshell, it happened on a dog walk along the beach near where we used to live. It’s a special spot for both of us.

Thinking back a year on from this moment, it’s crazy that in ten days’ time we will be married. And these pictures are a wonderful way of detailing part of our journey towards becoming Mr and Mrs Nowak-Smith.

The dogs were there at the proposal (he made special tags for them), so it was only fair that they were included in the engagement shoot.

Although we later regretted this decision because they were a royal pain in the arse on the day, they do really make some of the pictures. They’re part of our family, even if they are super annoying sometimes.

Why have an engagement shoot?


Some people just don’t get why you would have an engagement shoot. Well, there are many reasons. And it’s not just about the photos. You wouldn’t get married without having your hairdresser do a test run (hair trial), so why should it be any different for photography?

It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know your photographer better (and for them to get to know you) and make sure you click with them (no pun intended) in person.

Kristida made us feel so relaxed and at ease, apart from the occasional helpful direction, we hardly knew she was there. It was just us, in our little bubble, reminiscing about one of the most special moments in our lives. And away from the camera Kristida is a genuinely warm and lovely person, which makes having her around all the more enjoyable.

I also found it really heartwarming, two weeks before our wedding to look through the engagement pictures. To remind myself of what this wedding is really about. It’s about us, our connection, and our story. And the pictures really do capture the essence of our story perfectly. That’s another reason to have an engagement shoot, so that you’ve got a collection of images which will still be as meaningful and sentimental in ten, fifteen or fifty years’ time.

We started off on the beach, and throughout the shoot Kristida found all sorts of cool spots to get photos. I’m so glad we did this shoot because although I’m used to having my photo taken, it was very different having it taken with someone else, where you’re expected to be interacting with them and conveying love. It gave Will and I some time to be in front of the camera together and get used to our photographer snapping away in the background.

We’ll feel far more confident on our wedding day, and Kristida knows more about what we like and what we’re not so keen on. If you’re getting married, or you’re after a talented photographer, I urge you to check out her work. Go on, have a cheeky look at her Instagram feed, it’s amazingballs. Oh, and she’s an award-winning photographer.

Check out some of our engagement shoot photos below….

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Images courtesy of Kristida Photography