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Why Valentine’s Day Is A Day To Love Yourself & No One Else

Why you should love yourself on valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. It is a rather odd day isn’t it? Whether you have someone in your life or not, there’s so much pressure. My fiance sent me a message saying he tried to pick some flowers for me but there weren’t any in bloom. That’s been my day so far. We’re going to have steak tonight, and maybe a glass of wine, but that’s as far as our celebration will go.

After pondering the frustrations people have towards Valentine’s Day, and realising I am seriously lacking in love for myself, I got a message from my sister.

She’s bloody nuts (in a good way!) but she’s wonderful and inspiring, and has some powerful messages to share. Here’s a rather unconventional but inspirational message about Valentine’s Day from my sister everyone should read. Right now. Stop what you are doing and digest the following information. Oh and do check out her epic artwork over on Kalisaur Artwork.

To everyone out there who feels alone, sad, unloved, depressed, annoyed, or pissed off because of today, I’m sorry you feel that way. However, know that you are only a human, this day was made up much like Christmas and Easter, to celebrate unnecessary woes and compete over the act of ‘giving’.  You are worth a million times more than these outdated traditions.  And you should be loved and appreciated everyday, not just on one.

Don’t have a valentine? Wrong.  You are your own valentine.

Society is so hell bent on finding happiness in the external peripherals of being human, and yet your whole universe of happiness lies inside you.

You don’t need anyone else to be happy, I mean sure, it’s just dandy being in love and sharing with someone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy without them.

Today I had this pang of pain, it’s unavoidable, but how you let it affect you is totally within in your control.  And today, even though I am alone, I have decided to write my own Valentines letter to myself.

Call me sad, but no-one will ever love me, as much as I can love myself

In all my ‘flaws’ there is unrivaled beauty, if I just gave it a chance to shine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to me…where to start!

To my legs, that despite being rather snazzy, you aren’t fully long enough to be considered model material but you carry me every day, take me places others may not be able to get to and although I’d like you to have a bit more oomph in your toush, I love you how you are, and if we can work together, we’ll get those glutes up and coming in no time.

To my tummy that gets bloated when it’s so happily full of food, I love how you stick out and show me how grateful I am to be able to gorge myself to the point that I have a food belly and some left over to give me little muffin tops of fatty warmth.  Some people don’t get that luxury.  Some people don’t get to eat. Bloat and wobbly away.

To my sadly unperky titties that were full of life and bounce only a few years ago, I’ve lost the weight and gravity hasn’t been kind, sadly I can’t photoshop you daily like all the images on the internet, but fear not for but you are gorgeous at this size, and you’re still very fun to play with.  If I’m perfectly honest,  I prefer you now, to the larger you from before.  And yes,  I’ll run free and braless screaming it from my lungs, if it makes you feel better.

To my arms, that just love to give me those smooshy fat dimples by my underarms as the fat squishes out my bra,  that’s cool, you keep me a little bit warmer from time to time and no matter how many push ups I do, I don’t think your ever going to leave me.  If you did, I fear I’d feel less like me.

My raggedy Anne unwashed hair,  people look at you with disgust and confusion, but that’s their opinion, I know you are nourished and full of good oils that keep you clean,  I sometimes neglect you a little and I promise to pay more attention to you, but know the colour you are, the consistency, the knotty mess you get yourself into, are a thousand times prettier than the glossy light reflection jargon in the ads.

My freckles,  we’ve had disagreements over the years, when I was adolescent, you made me look younger and I go totally pissed off with you for that, I’m sorry.  I know see you are kisses from the sun and every time someone asks for my I.D, I thank my lucky stars that my playful cute freckles beam off my face into the hearts of others to make them believe I’m ten years younger than I actually am! #winning

My scars,  whether I put you on my body myself or it was inflicted by something, someone else,  you are all the same.  You are my life war wounds, showing the battles against my mind, the adventures I’ve had on planet earth and the mischief I can get into.  Each of you comes with a unique story that makes me me, and I’m not one bit ashamed of you.

My eyes.  As I look into you and see an overwhelming sadness, I can’t help but feel pulled in through endearment.  For I now know, no one will love my soul more than me,  all the sadness, happiness, fighting, laziness, confusion and gobbledygook, that makes me me, is mine to love, to nourish to have fun with, and hopefully one day share with others.  Right now though, you are doing you, and you are reflecting all the love back at me that I need, you are the windows to my soul…

Finally to my soul and mind.  You are broken, that’s ok.  You are troubled, who isn’t? You have a thousand shards of darkness in you and yet you also have a wonderful universe of rainbows, happiness, pure joy and compassion inside you.  You are an eclectic mix, that doesn’t occur anywhere else on this planet.

You are unique,  you are will unfold over time, have highs and love, you’ll get confused, angry, excited, and all the emotions in between, but at the end of it all, the journey is yours and yours alone.

People will come and go, lovers, friends the usual cliches, but the one constant that will be there, day in, day out, come rain, shine, storm, brutality, loss, or ecstatic happiness…You will show up.

Be your own best friend, your own lover, your rock and your happiness.  You don’t need anyone or anything else to do so.  Your destiny is inside you,  nourish it and watch as your internal universe generates an ongoing epic one around you.  Your fucking ace, and I love you.