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How To Leave A Little Happiness Everywhere You Go

how to leave a little happiness everywhere you go

I’ve noticed that recently my blog posts haven’t been particularly cheerful. My bad. We all experience ups and downs in our positivity. About a year ago I wrote a post ‘how to leave a little sparkle everywhere you go’, it seems I was in a better frame of mind then. But guess what, that post is one of my all-time most popular articles. So now I’m doing a kind of follow up.

I want to share some love. Instead of thinking about how you come across to other people all time, think about how you can influence others. Lately I have been noticing that if you make the effort to do small things that change other people’s day for the better, you also feel pretty darn awesome yourself.  So why not try and leave a trail of kindness in your wake?

And I most certainly don’t expect you to wander around every single day with a smile on your face singing for all the world to hear. That is literally my worst nightmare. I’m not very keen on smiling, I’ve got resting bitch face, and I bloody hate people who yell ‘cheer up love’ at me.

It’s not that kind of happiness I’m talking about. It’s the happiness you get (as well as the other person) from saying lovely and oh so positive things, and giving others a helping hand.

What do I mean by this? I am suggesting that if an opportunity presents itself where you can praise someone, offer positive feedback or say something complimentary then DO IT! Sadly many of us think nice thoughts about others but don’t actually voice them. So, if you fancy being an awesome person, then here’s some suggestions as to how you can leave a little happiness everywhere you go…

1. Thank people

A simple thank you can go a long way. And thanks to the interweb, we don’t tend to send handwritten thank you notes anymore. Perhaps next time you need to thank someone don’t send them a Whatsapp or text message, buy a card and write a heartfelt message by hand. Or better still, if you’re super creative, make them a lovely card.

The more you thank people, the more likely they will do something nice for you again. We should all show a little more appreciation, and step up our thank you game.

2. Give praise where praise is due

If you have a good experience in a restaurant, or an employee in a shop goes above and beyond to help you, don’t let this go unnoticed. It may take a few minutes out of your day to go and speak to their manager, or to look their company up online and send an email full of praise, but think of the difference it could make. You could help someone get a promotion or simply give them a piece of feedback that will literally make their day, or week, or even month.

3. Compliment the way people look

No one really does this anymore. A few months ago a complete stranger told me how pretty my hair looked in the light. At first I was a bit taken aback, but then a cheeky smile crept onto my face and I thought, nice one, you lovely lady.

You don’t have to say anything major, just pick out an aspect of a friend’s outfit you like or tell them they look particularly fabulous today. With celebrities posting ridiculously edited images on Instagram all the time, your confidence can take a bit of a knock.

We’ve got a bit of a warped sense of reality when it comes to beauty these days which makes us feel like we’re never good enough. So tell someone they are. Make them feel just a little bit more confident.

4. Lend a hand

If you see someone struggling whilst going about your day, stop and take a moment to help them. Often we’re all seemingly too busy and too distracted to stop and led a hand. Open a door for someone, let a car out of a tough junction, help someone carry their shopping. Every little helps. The world would be a better place if we just helped each other out a bit more.

5. Go the extra mile every now and then

Every so often an opportunity presents itself where you can go the extra mile. Far too many of these chances pass us by because we’re too afraid to do something out of the ordinary.

Have you seen some of those stories on social media where someone thanks a random stranger who helped them out that day? For example, when you have forgotten your purse or wallet and someone offers to pay for you, that kinda thing. Try it and see how good it feels.

6. Give super thoughtful gifts

Stop buying people pointless crap that they will clearly never use. The thoughtful gifts are always the best. Make something, order something meaningful or simply just put a bit of extra through into the next gift you buy.

After I got engaged my mum had a painting made of the exact moment on the beach, and it was a really special gift that made me very happy. For my birthday a friend put together a good box full of all the things that remind her of me and stuff I love. My aunty got me a necklace with my late father’s constellation on it. Pretty cool right? These gifts can really blow people away and make them wonderfully happy and grateful.