5 Reasons To Be Grateful For What We Have

5 reasons to be grateful for what you have

I often ask myself, why do I always want more? I’m always looking for ways to better myself, earn more and improve my life. I want another dog, a nicer car, a bigger house, to earn more £££, to travel more. It’s absolutely fine to pine for these things and aim high. But what’s so bad about my life in the first place? The more time we spend wishing for things we don’t have, the more moments we miss. We fail to enjoy what’s happening right now.

This topic came up in my life coaching session with Antonio Esposito and he came up with the perfect answer. He speaks to people every day who want more from their lives. It’s why many people try life coaching in the first place.

He said that the reason why we are never happy with what we have, and always want more, is because we aren’t grateful. And it got me thinking just how important it is to be grateful for what you have.

Instead of being grateful for one good day, we often dwell on all the bad days we’ve had. It’s not that hard to learn to be grateful, it just takes a little practice. Every day, when you wake up, start listing five or ten things you are grateful for, and you will notice how much it impacts your state of mind.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to be grateful.

  1. Being grateful frees you from worrying about the past or future. When you are grateful for something you are not worried about the past, or stressed about the future. You are simply being grateful for where you are now, and what you have achieved.
  1. We have millions of things that we can be grateful for but we are not. If you don’t take the time to notice the wonderful things in your life, too many of them will pass you by. Being grateful for lots of different things gives you a great deal of joy. And the world can always use a little more joy.
  1. If you are never grateful then you are never truly living in the moment, because you are always wanting more. You are distracted from the real world because you are thinking ahead, not about what’s right in front of you. Live in the present.
  1. Being the opposite of grateful can make you miserable. You can decide if you want to feel crap, happy, angry or sad. Constantly dwelling on things you don’t have is draining and depressing. Of course it’s important to aspire to be better and to challenge yourself, just don’t do it 24/7, because that’s exhausting.
  1. If you are grateful then you can recognise your achievements, and use your success to motivate yourself to achieve even more. What’s the point in working your arse off if you don’t take a moment to say well done, I deserve this success because I worked hard. If you have a good day, consciously recognise and be grateful for what’s happened. If you keep repeating the mantra that you are awesome, eventually you will believe it.