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15 Things To Do In The Morning Before You Start Work

things to do before you start work

It’s 7am, you wake up and instantly get a feeling of dread. Some days it can be particularly hard to get out of bed and get on with your day. You know those days where your hair is a total disaster, you feel a cold coming on and you have a huge project waiting for you at work? Yes these are the days that you really need to start your day off well.

Being freelance, I sometimes find it difficult to leave the house at all. I mean, why would I choose to leave the comfort of my own home to go out into the real world? This is where my all important morning routine comes in and saves me.

Don’t get up, shove on your clothes and drag yourself out the door like angry zombie that’s just woken up from an apocalypse. If you begin your day like this it probably won’t end well as you will keep that same mentality throughout the day.

If you wake up and feel a bit negative, complacent or frustrated with the world try adding some of the following things to your morning routine. The people who leave themselves ten minutes to get up and leave the house for work may only be able to manage two or three things from this list, but it’s a start.

I guarantee if you can do at least 50% of these things every morning you will feel much better when you get to work.

1. Splash your face with cold water

On days where I forget to do this my brain just doesn’t seem to wake up. Nothing beats that fresh feeling you get from splashing cool water onto your face. Ladies, try using a revitalising cleanser, I find the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser instantly wakes me up.

2. Drink a glass of water (with some fresh lemon in it)

Do not leave your house without drinking a glass of water. Otherwise you will probably grab a coffee on your way to work and forget to drink water for the rest of the day. Try adding a slice of lemon to your water.  Lemon flushes out toxins, aids digestion, freshens your breath, boosts your immune system and is great for your skin. In summary, lemon is awesome.

3. Eat a decent breakfast

Yeah yeah, I know, you don’t have time to eat a good breakfast. I don’t know about you but if I don’t eat a good breakfast I cannot concentrate, feel weak and get really bad hunger pains.

 Stop making excuses and wake up five minutes earlier to eat something decent. If you don’t feel hungry, force yourself or take breakfast with you to eat when you do feel hungry. Try and eat something with protein in it (eggs, fish) and not cereal (pretty much all cereals contain a ton of sugar).

 4. Always kiss your partner goodbye

Always, always make sure your partner kisses you and says goodbye before they leave (or vice versa). This is an essential if you want to start your day feeling loved.

5. Boost your immune system

Do something to boost your immune system, it will make you feel healthier and stronger. Take some vitamins or eat something super healthy for breakfast.

6. Get some fresh air

The five metre walk from your front door to your car doesn’t count. I have to walk my dog every morning which I am very grateful for, as it forces me to get some much needed fresh air. Walk to work or take a stroll round your office building before you go inside, you will soon feel the benefits.

7. Have a hot drink

This is particularly relevant in the winter. I hate getting up when it’s cold so I usually have to start my morning with some kind of hot drink. Swap coffee for green or herbal tea or just have a glass of boiling water.

8. Think about three things you are thankful for

You don’t have to write them down as most people are too busy. Just think about three things you are really thankful for while you are going about your morning routine. You could do it while you are in the shower or making breakfast. Doing this will help you to start your day off on a positive note.

9. Listen to some uplifting music

Play your favourite song on repeat while you are getting ready for an instant mood boost. Or if you fancy something more low key then listen to some relaxing music on your way to work.

 10. Spend some time with your pet

A lot of the time us pet owners are too busy to pay our lovely pets much attention. Stroking a pet is beneficial to both you and them, it’s proven to lower your blood pressure and help you relax. Have cuddle or play with your cat or dog for two minutes in the morning and I guarantee you will feel happier and more able to face the day.

11. Meditation/mindfulness

With limited time in the morning you may think it’s impossible to meditate or practice mindfulness but it’s not. You can do it while you are walking to work, on the tube or making breakfast. Simply take a moment to notice what you are doing and be in the moment. If you can set five minutes aside for meditation or yoga then you will benefit even more. Well done you.

12. Prepare things the night before

Not strictly something you do in the morning but it’s so important I thought I would mention it. So many times I have been running around like a lunatic trying to find everything I need. This is an awful way to start the day. Just get all your stuff ready the night before, trust me on this one.

13. Put your phone on silent

The last thing you want while you are attempting to wake up and get ready for work is your phone beeping at you. You don’t need to keep up to date with all your friends on Whatsapp at seven in the morning. Shut that phone up, focus on yourself.

14. Write a to do list

Another one you may not have time for, but it’s oh so useful. If you are a massive worrier like me you will probably be stressing about all the things you have to get done. Write them down, then you know what you have to do and everything feels a bit more manageable. If you forget, or run out of time just type a list on your phone on the train or when you get to work.

15. Be nice to your partner

Starting the day off with a fight or disagreement is never good. Try and be considerate to your partner in the morning, maybe even do something thoughtful.